Dead. The Triwek Prince of Tsuga


A Prince of the Triwikian Princedoms since the beginning of the War of Ascendancy and the death of Prince Condulf, he has become Chief Among the Princes, a leader that the other Princes have rallied behind and one who has secured an alliance with a powerful ally, Emperor Chief Cinnabar of the Ikaite.


Emperor Chief Cinnabar, the Drakath’sQueen’s Voice Adronika and Lucereni have made a strategy to take Vir and expedite the end of the war.

Failing to capture Vir, and his forces decimated, Lucereni returned to the Princedoms to recoup his losses. He was invited to a meeting of the remaining Princes. There he was killed along with his family. His planet, and riches were given to away by the other Princes at their own behest.


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