Kor Soor

Acting Commander of the VIS


Is a reputable Veratoss Intelligence Service (VIS) agent who is talented in espionage and turning assets. Since the Attack on Parliament he has been promoted to Acting Commander of the VIS.


Was on the ground at Carpalas and advised his asset, Hel’con to modify the treaty in order to stop Drakath war with the Alliance.

Was promoted to the rank of Operator for his service.


After the attack on Parliament he has been promoted to Acting Commander of the VIS. After intelligence came to him that Commander Ru Zil assassinated Ambassador Plipht he detained him and tried to turn him as an asset of the Alliance, and determine his prior allegiances. While on the attempt his second in command, Operations Chief Grundy tried to kill him and take power but Kor managed to knock him unconscious. The facility in which Ru was detained was gassed, and the prisoner escaped.

After he awoke he interrogated Grundy on his attempted coup and his connection to Ru’s escape in which he knew nothing. He tried to turn Grundy back to his side but the traitor had such a moral objection to what Kor was doing he would have none of it. For the first time in one hundred years, the Alliance executed Agent Grundy after a quick war tribunal.

Successfully recaptured Ru Zil, made him confess to his crimes, and made him an asset of the VIS. He is being tracked and monitored all hours of the day, and has a direct communique with his handler Syn.

He met with Ru Zil who wanted to talk to him about putting Uro-HERALD in the Conclave housing system. He told him he would have to vet the AI before he could consider it.

Kor Soor

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