The head of the Dark Suns Task Force


A science officer on Project: Pale Horse, she coordinated the construction of the super weapon. She has since been put in charge of a task force in the Research Division to figure out a way to end the Dark Sun crisis.


Was saved by The Response Team, and is the only surviving member of the Pale Horse science team after it was attacked by the Verox and commandeered by PRAXIS.

Has since been promoted and been put in charge of a task force within the Research Division to stop to the Dark Sun Crisis. She has focused on figuring out slip space travel. She has been given access to studying Keelik’s slip space organ.

Kima helped track the origin point of the dark energy bomb that went off in Ika-tra, it traveled through slip space from the Thanos Nebula, the staging grounds of PRAXIS’ armada.


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