A highly advanced Live Ship


A Live Ship roughly six kilometers long, with an enhanced brain capable of handling complex orders and the meta-math of slip space he is the most advanced ship allied with the Alliance.

Originally designed and grown by PRAXIS on Anemi IV, Keelik was made to be his back up plan in case the Baetylus failed and he was trapped within the Milky Way. When his brain began rapidly developing in his child hood, PRAXIS entered Keelik’s mind into the Dream Space in order to condition him to attack and obey.

While he was a child Keelik witnessed PRAXIS bring in a dead body of a biped who had experienced glory in war and had great intelligence and placed him in a metamorphosis chamber.


Ru Zil entered Keelik’s dream space where he was continually being chased by Alliance cruisers through a gas giant. Keelik refused to fight back, and ran from the fights. Ru convinced him that fighting was an option but only reserved for those who’s backs were in the corner. Keelik decided to see it his way and fought back freeing them both from dream.

Keelik awoke to find the metamorphosis chamber open, and the body gone. As PRAXIS’ armada arrived to wipe the Response Team out, Keelik convinced them to stay and free the other live ships trapped here. A monster restrained the live ships from escaping with tentacle shackles.

When the Response Team planted a bomb, destroying the jailer, the live ships began to leave. Keelik blocked the bombardments from the armada so the Team could get in him. He flew up breaching the blockade over the planet and through an open Phase Gate. There he followed the Team’s directions and went to Parliament.

Ru Zil convinced Keelik to allow Kima and her research team aboard to study his slip space organ with the promise that he would be kept away from the fighting, and that no war ships would approach him.



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