General of the Olpherian Resistance


Leader of the Resistance that pushed the occupying Unival forces on Pravesh. Since the rebellion on Pravesh he has been given the rank of General in the Olpherian military and has been placed in charge of the training operations at Hamic Base.

He has also been covertly been genetically modifying soldiers under his command. Using The Prism he has been able to give them enhanced regeneration, natural weapons, reflective skin and natural camouflage. The general has done this to prepare his troops for the oncoming attacking on Fiate to reclaim the Olpherian homeworld from Drakath control.

In exchange for this technology he has agreed to send his men on operations to hunt and kill Doctor Ru Zil a commander in the Alliance military and renowned doctor and businessman. He has since been confronted by the doctor, but continues these operations.


Agreed to redirect his forces to Cinnabar and Adronika’s coup inside the Drakath monarchy after he was informed that once a new Queen took power the Olpherians would have the Fiate Zone returned to them, and in exchange for his military support a motion was put forth within the Universal Alliance government to make them official Assembly members.

Commanded The Moderation in the Drakath Coup, after their successful victory he took the surviving fleet to their newly returned home Fiate in order to organize transportation and settlement on their homeland.


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