Dead. Swarm Commander of the Drakath Nest.


Jabraxal is a Drakath commander serving as a Hive Commander. He led the attack on the Lokai world of Tarvath, and interrogated Cinnabar and Cel’kai. He also led the ships to claim Alabosh.

Current Events


Lead the attack commanding Stinger Fleet on Carpalas, discovered ARG Team’s intentions and headed off to Alabosh’s location.

Lead the attack in the Battle of Vega, won the battle, but Alabosh was lost due to a surprise attack of The Rock Bitch

Was selected as the next Swarm Commander.


Agreed to join the mission to recover The Pale Horse.

Died when a Colossus grade ship attacked Forward Installation 343 when trying to find an escape route, a large piece of the framing fell down and crushed him. He had installed a nuclear device in his armor when his heart beat stopped.


The City of Life


Sol's Exodus Atlas