Prime Minister of the Lokai Union.


CEO of Lis Pharmaceuticals, his brother died on Carpalas when it was invaded.

Negotiated the treaty between the Lokai and Drakath during this time he was kidnapped by members of Occipito’s Reach and was saved by his advisor at the time, Hel’con.

Has redirected his company to aim for all markets pulling out the exclusive medical trade agreement with the Alliance and offering all medical products to every faction. He has also began delving into military application of chemical compounds. Ru Zil and Dok have taken different paths, but Dok seems to want to pursue the legal acquirement of Space Band Aids. Though he has decided to take a step back from personal management of the corporation instead handing it over to Ma’Kel and focusing on getting the Assembly of the Elite in order.

After the Battle of Vir he was elected the Prime Minister of the newly formed Lokai Commonwealth.


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