The AI that operates The Factory


Lives inside the Factory and refers to the ship as it’s “body. It seems to thrive on building complicated scientific works. It was originally enslaved by the ”/campaign/sol-s-exodus/wikis/morphic-party" class=“wiki-page-link”> Morphic Party but has since been freed by Emperor Chief Cinnabar. It was created by a superior AI intelligence, WHISPER. It claims that it was created from pieces of different higher intelligence AIs.


It was freed by Cinnabar in exchange for information on the Morphic Party and DELTA’s own origins. It was siphoning Crag for information, knowing that he couldn’t pick both since he’d have to kill DELTA to survive, Cinnabar left Crag to die on the ship. DELTA left the Iris Cluster and it’s current whereabouts is unknown.

Returned to Cinnabar on the Sol Invictus as a fork in Crag’s body. It told him all it knew about it’s origins, it’s maker WHISPER, and the Morphic Party. It gave Cinnabar the location of all Morphic base camps, and their leader Trach.


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