The Ikaite Emperor Chief and Assembly Member to the Universal Alliance


Cinnabar is a son of an ultramafik and was given to the Alliance in exchange for rights to excavate the planet, and to impart knowledge to the other ultramafiks. He is an extremely adept warrior who is picked up the basics of gun play extremely quickly, although he prefers to strike his enemies with his war hammer.

He has joined the Alliance Re-acquirement Group and has proven himself as a loyal and capable soldier of the Alliance.

He was given the command of the Rock Bitch by his father Obsidian and sacrificed the ship to destroy Alabosh which was being taken by the Drakath fleet.

During a battle against pirates in the Iris Cluster he kileld his father Obsidian and became the Emperor Chief of the Ikaite. He then recruited the pirates, the Red Howl Clan to work under him.

At the War Council with the Triwiks he agreed to join the conflict against the Drakath and the Lokai and he committed a majority of his naval and ground forces.

He recruited Lucerni and agreed to assassinate Condulf for him. He also recruited Hauf Print, Onyx, and Dovan.

While on the mission on Installation 343 Condulf died by circumstance falling into Deconstructor Cubes.

After giving Pale Horse to the Assembly the Ikaite were made an Assembly species of the Alliance, and he returned to Triwek space to general the war against the Lokai and the Drakath.

He returned to Parliament to accept the inauguration into the Assembly and was almost assassinated by an Ikaite.

Had a sexual rendezvous with a human prostitute, Jenell and found out he had a Kreitosh impersonator on Parliament. He met with his would-be assassin the Blood-sworn and wished for him to be transfered to a prison on Ika-tra. He convinced Dosivikay of the Ravarsi to help in exchange for access to the blueprints for the technology that the Ikaite possessed, and Shwook of the Ploth who would receive access to the Ikaite mining resources in exchange for trading Ikaite ships.

He oversaw the prison transfer of the Blood-sworn, they came under attack and they repelled the rescue. Cinnabar led the charge and boarded the other ship.

Capturing the ship by disabling the Fo Engines, he took the crew as prisoners and brought them to Ika-tra. He changed his policies while on the planet, making breeding houses not obligatory for single Ikaite women, giving retired Ikaite soldiers priority when hiring at the ship yards, and putting down riots non-lethally. After interrogating the Blood-sworn he freed him, dishonouring him through not killing him. He interrogated another captured rebel, Lampro and summoned the man’s father, Potash who fights for Cinnabar on the front lines.

He met with Senator Neous, offering him an alliance but in exchange he must displace his two most trusted advisors Crag, and Slash-Punch.

While at Surazar]] he saved Ru Zil from plummeting out into the vacuum.

Freed the living ship The Factory from the subjugation of the Morphic Party in exchange for information. He left Crag to die there as his conciousness was merged with the ship’s AI mind, DELTA. As part of the agreement he got DELTA to vent the ship of all Morphic Party members.

Betrayed the Assembly by endorsing the Olpherian Homecoming publicly. He also informed Dosivikay that he could not fulfill his part on the bargain they made by bringing him the schematics for the advanced infantry weaponry but instead he only had physical copies of the weapons. The Assembly met with him trying to convince Cinnabar to wait until they’ve dealt with the possibility of the Verox returning, and the Dark Sun Crisis before they dealt with the Drakath. DELTA approached him on the Sol Invictus in Crag’s body, telling him about WHISPER, it’s relationship with the Morphic Party, and the location of all their bases, and the location of Trach, the leader of the resistance, on Ika-tra in Lavarum on the Eastern Continent.

Was on Baetylus during the Battle for Baetylus. He gave the order to Dovan to turn the super weapon on, which resulted in PRAXIS taking control and stealing it. He saved Dovan from the malicious AI, and escaped unharmed. He has returned to Parliament to find himself the only surviving Assembly member left and responsible for the management of a whole galactic alliance.

In order to avoid a war with the Drakath as the Olpherian Homecoming plans to capture Fiate Cinnabar has negotiated an alliance with the Queen’s Voice, Adronika. He has agreed to help with a coup against the Queen.

After he was informed by VIS Acting Commander Kor Soor that there was an arrest warrant out on Ru Zil he gave up his friend’s position.

Led the Assault on Plagus III, shattering his shoulder in the ensuing conflict, but successfully crushed the Solatus army and captured their civilians for Drakath experimentation.

Has made a plan with Prince Lucereni and The Queen’s Voice Adronika for a tactical strike and capture of Vir to end the War of Ascendancy.

Begun investigating the disappearances of multiple sections of his fleet in the Hades Cluster. He and Ru Zil deciphered the culprits to be none other then the Verox. He went through the gate and found the destroyed rubble of his ships and the Lokai-Drakath but there was no sign of his crew. On their escape they were seen and told to surrender.

Attempted to take the Lokai’s home planet by attacking the Raction Star Cluster and sending his forces in when the Drakath were distracted. His attack failed, resulting in him being discredited and his partnership with the Triwikian Princedoms dissolving.

Recovered the Ichythus Detector and immunization samples on Runvin after an Ichythus Outbreak. Made a deal with the Ichythus Over Mind to keep secret it’s existence for the location of PRAXIS’ super lab.

Denied the Olpherian Homecoming the help he promised, but instead told the Homecoming’s leadership of his ploy with Adronika to take over the Drakath government and restore Fiate to the Olpherians. In order to recruit Kar’s forces, he issued a bill to enter the Olpherians into the Assembly.

He agreed with the Red Wards captain to use his mercenaries who were training in Drakarum as a double cross. He overwhelmedSwarm Commander Calabrakus’ fleets with his three prong attack.

He led the charge into the attack on the Citadel which relieved the Queen of her life. Newly christened Queen Adronika put Calabrakus’ life in his hands which he spared in exchange for his service in Ikaite military operations. He has moved SIRE to a VI housing unit on Ika-tra.

Met with the Assembly convincing them that his participation in the Drakath coup was entirely necessary, and that they should form a secret alliance with the new Swarm. Assaulted PRAXIS Super Lab where he helped pilfer it for all intelligence relating to the Son’s plans.

He returned to Ika-tra to find his city in flames. There he discovered that PRAXIS had bombed the city in order to destroy SIRE. He called for Alliance assistance to aid in the world’s peril.


The City of Life


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