A Ravarsi Proteriat for Urodotros


Serves Urodotros was born on Rou.


Urodotros went into a coma, and Chen assumed his responsibilities. He handed over The Cube, which was found on Uro’s body, he gave it to Hel’con to investigate.

He helped Grundy infiltrate the Red Howl pirates and save Kiadotros and her orphans. He got The Cube back and found out it was an information repository from an ancient civilization.

After connecting The Cube to a data port on Valkon City he uploaded GENERAL into a bomb on Valkon City to destroy it.

Saved Cinnabar’s life in The Factory by decapitating his attacker, Commander Dolo. After that mission on his way to Parliament on the Sol Invictus, the ship was sabotaged by Quiet Knife, the legendary bounty hunter, who wanted to exchange the lives of the crew for The Cube, Chen refused and watched as Cinnabar caved his head in.

Has agreed to serve as his master’s representative in the physical world until he finds him a body. He is now the temporary leader of the Dynasty of Uro.

Returned to Hiajiin to seek for assistance in the alliance with the Drakath. He first approached the Empress and her brother, Kal, who refused him without hearing his full explanation. Rorgdotros approached him and offered his support if he agreed to assassinate the Empress and her family so he could take power and restore the Imperium to fully support the Alliance. Chen agreed only if he would sit on his council.

He headed home to speak to Uro’s daughter, Persephdotros and explained to her the current situation. Then he set out with half his dynasty’s forces to assault Plagus III with the Ikaite and Drakath armies. He personally led the assault on their lookout post, and met up with Cinnabar on the planet where he sustained a wound, taking a shot in the gut, however they managed to overtake the army and capture the civilian populace for experimentation.

Led a coup against the Ravarsi Empress slaying her along with her children and brother. He has been named the Assembly Representative of the Ravarsi.

He sent Uro Dynasty’s forces to support Cinnabar’s ploy to capture Vir, and end the War of the Ascendancy ending in his house forces being decimated.

Recovered the Ichythus Detector and immunization samples on Runvin after an Ichythus Outbreak. Made a deal with the Ichythus Over Mind to keep secret it’s existence for the location of PRAXIS’ super lab.

Gave his official backing to the Ikaite motion to make the Olpherians an Assembly member species. Commanded a Hornet squadron in the Drakath coup.

Assaulted PRAXIS Super Lab helping retrieve vital information from it. When he accidentally released Ichythus on the Response Team he interfaced with the ship’s conciousness, Ru pulled him off the console causing a severe seizure. When on Anemi IV, and trying to free the Live Ships from PRAXIS’ control by destroying the tentacle monster that bound them on the ocean floor Chen was pierced by a tentacle with a lethal strike to the heart. Thankfully, Ru revived him with his PRAXIS device.


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