Dead. Considered an artist on his planet this Lokai cybernetics expert has joined the ARG for inspiration.


Coming from one of the richer houses, he is well known as an inventor and innovator in the field of surgery and cosmetic enhancement, constantly pushing the boundaries of art and function. Unfortunately, after the completion of his last commission for the Lokai government ( a clandestine arm model which he himself uses) he found himself in a state of deep anxiety, and at a loss for what to spend his time and talent on. At a loss for inspiration, he finally decided to leave his planet and family in search of the creative spark he once enjoyed and, loving a challenge and finding it an easy way to travel, he’s joined up with the Alliance.

His canvas being the integration of machine and body, he can be considered more of a mechanic than physician and he is almost constancy fiddling with technology, gadgets, and other handheld devices. He is 35.

He betrayed the ARG team on the Alabosh when he ordered The Cord to open a wormhole in the midst of the battle ripping the Unival and Alliance fleets asunder but not before warning Jabraxal to pull out his fleets. He did this in exchange for the Drakath to give the Lokai reprieve.

Cel’kai died on the Rock Bitch when he tried to escape the ship as it was falling apart and a flare from the engine burst out incinerating him instantly.


The City of Life


Sol's Exodus Atlas