The CEO of the News Net


The CEO of the News Net this Olpherian businessman is a strong supporter of the Olpherian Homecoming. He is considered a symbol of hope that he brought to the people in their time of need.


Organized the evacuation and relocation of millions on Parliament worlds when they were attacked by the Verox.

Has been given the responsibility of bringing order to the Parliamentary systems, in exchange the Alliance has promised military support for the Olpherian Homecoming.

At his last request for aid the Alliance denied him. However, Assembly Leader Cinnabar the one who broke his promise to Alek asked for a private meeting. There he told him of his ploy with the Queen’s Voice Adronika to enact a coup to take over the Drakath monarchy. A part of his deal with the Drakath was that they would relinquish control of the Fiate Zone to the Olpherians. Convinced this ploy would save more lives then that of the Homecoming, he went along with Cinnabar to convinceGeneral Kar the military arm of the arm to join him.

After the Homecoming dedicated itself to Cinnabar’s cause, Alek returned to Parliament to help push through the bill to make the Olpherians an Assembly member species.


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