The Queen of the Drakath Swarm


Adronika has been the Drakath Empire’s chief diplomat, “The Queen’s Voice” for thirty years. She is the second most powerful Drakath in the Empire tied with the Swarm Commander, and only subservient to the Queen herself. While the Swarm Commander leads his armies, she organizes what news the people hear, what alliances to forge, and what policies to bring to the Queen’s attention.


Has negotiated an alliance with the Emperor Chief of the Ikaite, Cinnabar. The terms of the alliance is that if he helps in a coup against the Queen, she will hand over Fiate to the Olpherians.

Assaulted Plagus III with Cinnabar crushing the Solatus army. She has captured the civilian population to take them to a research facility so she can use their dark energy manipulation powers for the coup.

She has entered a plot with Cinnabar and Lucereni to assist with the capture of a few Drakath border star clusters to distract the Drakath- Lokai forces so the Ascendancy Alliance can capture Vir and force a Lokai surrender.

Was on the dreadnought The Luciferious while the coup raged on.

After the death of the Queen, has taken her place as the next monarch of the Swarm. As per her agreement with Emperor Chief of the Ikaite she has given the Fiate Zone back to the Olpherians, and opened talks with the Alliance. She was convinced byCommander Ru Zil to allow the Response Team to take SIRE off world to Ika-tra under Drakath guard.


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