Sol's Exodus



Cinnabar and Chenzhenivakay saved the Black Guard Project from an attack from PRAXIS, and Ru Zil discovered the location of the Cartographer a mapping system that PRAXIS wants his hands on.

Ru Zil received a message from Paragon Purity that an outbreak of the Ichythus Plague had occurred in the Valuan Nebula and he required his assistance.

Arriving at Valuan, close to Runvin, Purity’s armada awaited overhead on his Eradication Order. Purity explained to Ru that he has not done so because Runvin was the home of the Unival Cure Operations Center (UCOC) where they had developed an immunization for the Ichythus and an Ichythus Detector. Also, a group of workers had emitted a distress call, they had locked themselves in a half finished fuselage.

The infection’s origin point was at Runvin two days ago and has since spread to two dozen different planets in the Quarantine Zone.

The Response Team agreed to investigate how this outbreak happened, and recover the immunization and the Ichythus Detector if they can.

They headed down to the planet, landing a few kilometers south of the UCOC, and approaching on foot. The entrance was guarded by a number of Ichythus Infected, and in order to get by them Cinnabar used his cyber-arms to rip a lamp post from the ground and throw it against a nearby building to distract them.

Ru Zil managed to get into the building without incident, but the rest were caught unawares and they had to kill the sentries to get by.

Ru hacked the lobby’s computers, and learned the system had been tampered with, disabling all the containment security measures when an outbreak happened inside the building.

They explored the building to find all the inhabitants dead, slaughtered by internal security turrets when infected. They continually were assaulted by Ichythus who were somehow tracking them down.

When walking into the Security Room they set up a trip wire bomb.

As they explored the building Ru thought he saw something outside on the Observation Deck, so Cinnabar and Octavian went to check it out while Ru and Chen went to the Tech Lab to recover the Ichythus Detector.

Cinnabar and Octavian found bombs attached to the pillars of the Observation Deck, and began throwing rocks at it. They were then ambushed by a Veratoss in a wet suit, disabling Cinnabar with Atroitic Venom, Octavian knocked his assailant out and another who came to help.

They interrogated these two after threatening them of leaving them outside for the Ichythus to kill they confessed they were agents of PRAXIS. After the Attack on Parliament, many special ops and clandestine agents joined PRAXIS’ ranks for thoroughly beating them. PRAXIS promises all followers entrance into his vehicle of exodus after his plan is complete.

The spies’ mission were to infiltrate the UCOC, infect the immunization process, plant a device in the basement level, disable the safety protocols, and spread the Ichythus Virus. Afterwards they were to tie up loose ends, and cave in the building with explosives.

While on their mission some Veratoss scientists began suspecting them of espionage so they killed the team leader, and organized a meeting for them in the Relax Room. While one member spread Ichythus through the air ducts, one planted the biological device, one hacked security, and two others opened fire on the meeting of Veratoss Scientists.

Sparing the spies lives, the team took the elevator down to the bottom level. A wretched stench plagued the room and two inches of black webbing covered the floor. Ru went into the Immunization Production and tested the immunization samples that were ready to be shipped out, they were infected, he gathered all the intelligence of where the previous shipments were sent.

They went into the Virus Containment Room to find a group of Ichythus and a sack of black web clumped together like a large brain hanging from the ceiling. Using one of the Ichythus as a relay, it introduced itself as The Over Mind, the central hub of the hive mind of the Ichythus.

Wanting nothing more than to continue on living, it offered information about PRAXIS for it’s life and the continued secrecy of it’s identity. The team agreed.

The Over Mind explained that it was created by PRAXIS to be the answer to Unival, the Ichythus merely being an older form of the plague that wiped out the Unival’s genetic siblings the Otamic. This advanced version would fashion him an army, and wipe out a rival at the same time.

PRAXIS wants to divide the galaxy, knowing that a unified galaxy would spell potential disaster for his machinations. So he seeks to weaken his rivals underhandedly so when he has to face them they are divided and weak. He seems to know for sure that there will be armed conflict against him some time down the line.

PRAXIS only needs a few more pieces of his puzzle before he is done his plan including gathering something called “The Cartographer”.

The Over Mind gave the team the location of PRAXIS’ super lab in the Hoster System where he develops his biological terrors like the Living Ships and the Ichythus.

The team left the facility deciding to ambush the ex filtration site of the remaining Veratoss spies. A hidden shuttle west of the UCOC.

As they laid in wait, the spies detected them and ambushed their ambush, though Chen was nearly beaten to death, Cinnabar saved him, while Ru made mince meat of two others with his laser saw.

They brought their spies to the Sol Invictus, and reported to Purity. Giving the Paragon the Ichythus Detector, the locations the immunization were sent, and the source of the infection PRAXIS spies, but leaving out their encounter with The Over Mind.

As they left they watched as the Unival Fleet lit the surface of Runvin in fire in the name of Purity.



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