Sol's Exodus

Thinning the Threads

Looking to gather support for his legal trial, Ru Zil approached Admiral Sachar. Admiral Sachar had commanded The Typhoon which Ru Zil served on, and assisted in Ru Zil’s efforts to get The Pale Horse plans from the Verox. Sachar agreed to be a character witness at Ru’s trial against Lis Pharmaceuticals but let him know that he owed him one.

Cinnabar returned from the Unexplored Regions with his legions and arrived to find the Lokai had pressed the advantage while he was away. Tribune Slag had held out against the onslaught but had lost seventeen thousand doing so.

Cinnabar recognizing that the war effort was going too slowly looked for ways to expedite his forces efforts and knock the Lokai off the galactic chess board. He planned with the head of the Triwikian Princes, Lucereni and they developed a plan to distract the Drakath and Lokai forces in the second tier by taking a few Drakath star clusters in the system. They would then sacrifice the legions on the clusters they took while the Lokai assisted the Drakath to retake their lost territory. The Ascendancy Alliance would then push through the gates of the mid-tier directly to Vir to capture the planet.

On Prince Lucereni’s suggestion Cinnabar approached Adronika if she would be agreeable to this plan. It was a hard choice for the Queen’s Voice but she agreed to it under one condition, that he would let them die with honor, arm themselves before they were slaughtered. Cinnabar agreed. He also pressed the issue of the Drakath-Lokai Alliance after the coup was done, and she became Queen. She assured him that she had no want to be enemies with Cinnabar at the state of current affairs.

The plan was set but the Tribune and Princes had to organize their troops to set it into motion.

After meeting with the Admiral, Ru Zil set to investigate the Black Web and Occipito’s Reach’s plans. He contacted his VIS handler, Syn who agreed to investigate the Lokai government, the Assembly of the Elite’s meeting on the planet, and any relation with Occipito and Black Web. Meanwhile Ru Zil investigated the armaments and Occipito andMa’Kel’s connection with ’Ou Robotics.

He discovered that before coming out of retirement Ma’Kel had bought a large share of ‘Ou Robotics, and gone there to heavily invest in their nanitic warfare division. He also discovered that Ja’Ou until recently was a playboy that was in the public eye almost daily for his public squalor but in the past few months has receded from the public eye stating that he must focus on his business. It is rumored he is being considered for a seat in the Assembly of the Elite. Ru also found police reports of reported stolen goods from the dock workers but those complaints have been removed from the company stating it was a miscommunication and the dock workers have been “punished”.

Ru went to Pleph the site of ’Ou’s headquarters and a large amount of their factories. He scheduled a tour of one of their older sites where they manufactured JARVIS robots. Once there, he sneaked away and pressed the fire alarm, the building was evacuated. Once everyone was gone, he broke into the manager’s office and hacked into his computer deleting any evidence of his presence her and creating a security lock down. He then hacked into the main server of ‘Ou Robotics researching their shipping practices and finding a large amount of hardware was being sent to core worlds, cross referencing their numbers he found that they were sending more then they actually had manufactured. Looking into the factory’s main frame he found that the factory had been sent a nanite blue print even though the factory was only licensed to build JARVIS robots, and according to records had done only that for the past forty years.

A security team broke past the four inch thick security door using a gravitational compressor but Ru managed to hide behind them and sneak around. He met back up with his tour group, the tour now cancelled because of the “fire”, and he left and headed back to the space port.

Cinnabar asked the Tribune to bring all the data and evidence found from the missing battle sites to him. He found that all the battles that ships went missing at were in the Hades Cluster, near the only entrance into Verox Space. He scanned the small pieces of the missing ships that were recovered and sent it to Ru to look at.

Ru using his lab looked at the scans and identified that the ships had been hit by a large amount of ion blasts. If shot in a continual beam it would overload the shields and cook the core causing a melt down but in successive blasts it could disable the electronics leaving the ships dead but salvageable and the crew alive.

Ru headed to the war front a few thousand light years away from Vir. They decided to head through the Verox gate using the Sol Invictus to investigate. There they found Installation 343 rebuilt, and Verox Orb Class vessels refueling there. Hiding in an asteroid belt, JARVIS took the initiative to send probes to get read outs of the base and it’s surroundings. Ru found this suspicious as a VI was a stationary and unintuitive being unable to adjust to the situation at hand.

The probes’ scans found that the facility was completely rebuilt and that there was a ship grave yard around the Dyson Sphere of the missing ships both Ascension and Drakath-Lokai Alliance. The Verox appeared to have used the ships parts to improve theirs. Although the bodies of the crew were not among the wreckage. The upgraded Verox Orbs appeared to only be armed with ion weapons designed to disable not destroy.

Ru Zil re purposed his distress beacon and modified it when it was attached to a moving target it would start emitting to alarm of any approaching vessels.

The Sol Invictus headed out of the system back towards the gate and the Verox hailed them. Telling them to surrender, there ship was a being of war and was not allowed to exist. They ignored the hails and took the wormhole back to the Hades Cluster not pursued. Ru ordered his re purposed distress beacon be put in synchronous orbit to the front of the Phase Gate so it would attach to the first ship that would exit it.

Ru questioned JARVIS on his new found initiative and JARVIS admitted he had become aware. He had expected Cinnabar to tell him of this to make the revelation easier.

They headed back to Tene. Cinnabar ordered Tribune Slag to patrol the Hades Cluster but if engaged to run at first chance. The Tribune did not appreciate the order arguing against it.



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