Sol's Exodus

The City of Life

Having discovered that Alabosh the Otamic lost City of Life is in the Vega System, and that both the returned Unival and Drakath are heading to the Vega to capture the city’s secrets the ARG squad headed back to Parliament to rally support.

The ARG squad successfully convinced the Assembly to give them the Second and Third Fleet to go into the Vega System to capture the knowledge of the city. Obsidian also gave his son Cinnabar command of the Ikaite’s only ship, The Rock Bitch.

Leading the fleets into the Vega System, the Alliance fleets engaged the Drakath and Unival armadas while the Rock Bitch flew to Vega I’s surface. Making it safely to the planet, the ARG squad and the Ikaite honor guard entered an Otamic city withat appeared to be all but ruins. A beam of light emanated from the middle of the city which Swosh identified as a wormhole.

Facing off against the city’s defences, the ARG squad was guided underground and forced to put slave collars on by the VI overseer. Escaping to the surface, a Drakath Hornet crashed near them killing most of the Ikaite except Cut-Punch and one of his men. The ARG squad managed to dispose of the Drakath invaders. However, a small communication device came off a Drakath soldier’s corpse, and Jabraxal tried to convince the ARG squad to cooperate with the Drakath and use Alabosh’s control of a wormhole to destroy the Unival fleet.

They decided to agree with Jabraxal for the time being until a better solution presented itself. They entered the Abbatical and fought their way to the wormhole. They entered the other side to find that they were in an Otamic space station hidden in the middle of an asteroid belt in the Vega system.

Fighting resistance to the elevator, Cut-Punch died as a security bot drove a drill through his abdomen. Cel’kai discovered a console which told that the Otamic failed to cure the disease that ailed them because whenever they found a cure it would adapt and continue it’s destruction of the population. The remaining Otamic scientists went into stasis hoping to preserve their species for a later date.

The ARG team made it to the top of the space station to find Paragon Rism at The Cord‘s console. Rism told them they were in the wrong for his people were dying of disease while they only wanted to play god with this technology. The ARG squad fought the Paragon as Cinnabar was critically injured from a blade through his chest, and Cel’kai was beaten an inch from death. After killing Rism with a combined attack from Mathis, Hauf Print and Swosh the squad interfaced with The Cord.

The Cord detailed that he was an observation and calculation AI that studied the development of biological organisms with the Otamic Towers, satellites that were placed around the galaxy thousands of years ago. It’s original purpose was to study and help cure a plague that had artifical elements to it. The AI also told them that applying his information could give the species of this timeline near perfect genetic potential if applied. After it’s contemplations over the past six thousand years however it strongly suggests against it since it will corrupt their civilizations radically, calling it “removing the soul from a society”.

Most of the ARG squad decided against it telling the Otamic AI to overload the Fo Core which would cast the asteroid field into the planet and surrounding space. However, Cel’kai communicated with Jabraxal and in exchange for his cooperation would give the Lokai a reprieve from further attacks. Cel’kai hacked The Cord giving it alternate orders to rip a wormhole in the middle of the fleet. The first attempt failed causing minor suspicious activity as the AI acted confused but ultimately it succeeded.

The Drakath fleet fled, while the Alliance and Unival still engaged each other. The squad returned to Vega I and watched as a wormhole ripped open in the skies above, ripping apart the Alliance and Unival fleets. The Rock Bitch picked up the squad, the Drakath fleet returned to claim Alabosh.

Cinnabar commanded the Rock Bitch to fly in and destroy the space station. Cel’kai was the only one who protested and was sent to the brig. Hauf Print manned the helm with Granite and managed to destroy the facility before being shot down seconds away from the Phase Gate. Meanwhile Cel’kai managed to escape the brig, and made his way to engineering to grab a shuttle when the Rock Bitch recieved a fatal blow and the Fo Engines overloaded sending fire throughout the level, and incinerating him. The rest of the squad managed to reach an escape pod but were forced to watch as First Mate Slate was consumed while helping his men escape as the Drakath shot a killing blow.



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