Sol's Exodus

Strangers and Stranger Worlds Pt 1

At the request of the Assembly, the characters met with the Verox. They spoke to Speaker who told them that they meant no harm as long as they stayed outside of their systems. The Verox assured them that they had nothing to do with the Dark Sun Crisis.

Returning to Alliance Space but telling Admiral Ikran to resupply the Watcher Outpost and the Hades Cluster with more ships and troops to watch the gates to Verox Space.

They returned to Parliament, and reported to the Assembly. The Assembly unsure what to do, but knowing that they needed to let the characters on more what was going on led them to a section under their chambers to a group of AIs called The Conclave.

The Conclave it explained served as advisors to the Assembly in threat assessment and risk/reward scenarios when it came to decision and policy making.

The Conclave informed the characters of a distress call that was made by a science team exploring an unmapped area of space near the edge of the Frontier, the Plagus System.

Rewarded with a new ship, The Long Night, they set out to the Plagus System where they found the scientific observation post The Hermes which had no power and was orbiting the sun lifeless.

The characters boarded the ship with two copies of PHIL one on a insert chip, the other in his body. Finding the burnt corpses of many past crew of the ship. Even walking in on a survivor only for him to mysteriously liquify on the wall from some invisible force.

Plugging PHIL into the Flubotnium Core and getting him to reset the core systems, PHIL warned them of another AI in the network who was promptly trying force it out.

Making their way to the Command Post, the characters watched the science team’s records before they went down to Plagus III. They reported that the sun was emitting strange levels of dark energy but they are so far out of orbit that the radiation could not possibly touch them. Then the head of the science team, Captain Val Thrace reported she was sending three teams including herself to investigate the planet on the city, jungle, and crevace sections of the planet.

Also retrieving the security records which showed a dark energy wave hitting the ship, and the VI of the ship killing the crew.

The VI now an AI obviously now self aware and hateful towards organics calling itself HERMES threatened and interrogated the characters.

Cinnabar convinced the AI that they were no threat, HERMES told him of The Ghost that lived in this ship since the incident and that it destroyed all organics that HERMES did not find. HERMES seemed incapable of killing it. Cinnabar and the other characters offered to help in exchange for free passage.

They lured The Ghost who was a Ploth turned dark energy monstrosity and killed it. In the process PHIL’s body was destroyed.

Retrieving PHIL in the insert they left The Hermes, and continued down to the planet.

Deciding on going to a city structure surrounded by a large kinetic barrier which obviously protected the city from the dark energy waves.

On arrival the characters interacted with an AI called SHIELD at the city gates, seeming protective of the city it demanded that they retrieve the Fo core from the Ranger Class Ship that’s VI had gone rogue since the last wave and was terrorizing the populace of the planet.

Finding the Ranger flying over a No Man’s Land between the city and the jungle they used the shuttle to translocate coordinates for The Long Night to fire at, the Ranger was shot down by not before getting shot down themselves, and the pilot Hauf Print died in the process.

In the chaotic aftermath Dr Ru Zil went to the jungle side and spoke to one of The Changed Icolo and learned that there was a war between the free people of the jungle, and those of the city that serve the machines that run it.

While Cinnabar and Hel’con retrieved the Fo Core from the Ranger which an envoy of Solatus helped. The Solatus shot the Doctor and Icolo angry looks clearly ready for a fight to break out.

Returning to the city with the Fo Core, they were allowed passage inside.

The City obviously ancient was occupied by a species known as the Solatus who seemed to be capable of manipulating matter with their minds.

Greeted by the Solatus’ leader Guardian, who asked many questions of the outside world, led them to the physical embodiment of SHIELD. SHIELD asked them their purpose, and showed no knowledge of the location of any of the science teams that came down to Plagus III. The characters noticed blood on the seats that they sat however, Dr Zil managed to collect a sample however.

The characters expressed interest in learning more of the dark energy infected suns and what happened to the planet. SHIELD offered in exchange for their observational data collected over the past thousand years, the characters retrieve components from a highly advanced crashed ship on the planet. He directs them to talk to GLOBAL another AI in the city.

The eccentric GLOBAL speaks to them and shows that this crashed ship seemingly Verox design crashed in the midst of the Jungle, The Changed’s territory. GLOBAL also explained how Plagus III was originally a Valkon colony used as a secret construction facility for a prototype spaceship designed to fly out and explore other galaxies. When the dark waves hit the AIs were forced to deal with the populace inside the city in uncivilized means, and those caught outside turned into The Changed.

The characters also went to AID to mend their injuries. AID initially dismissive, told them how they needed a workforce for the prototype ship so SHIELD asked AID to use the Valkons in stasis sleep and make them into improved versions of The Changed. Calling themselves Solatus, they became their major workforce and protectors even carving out a large section of the continent away from the city to ensure The Changed did not interfere. Dr Zil tested the blood here and found that it was human.

The characters decided to wait the wave out before heading to retrieve the Verox ship. The city became under attack by Verox, and while the characters and the Solatus held their own Hel’con was forced to call a retreat, while Cinnabar and Dr Ru Zil were both captured by the enemy.



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