Sol's Exodus

Stranger and Stranger Worlds pt 2

Retreating to the Dome with the rest of the Solatus defenders, Hel’Con learned from SHIELD that the Verox had demanded entrance to the city which SHIELD denied. Knowing his back is against the wall Hel’con went out and parlayed with the Verox leader Edge.

He managed to negotiate in exchange for a few hours of reprieve and the return of the prisoners in exchange for the location of the crashed Verox Orb, SHIELD’s AI core brought to them, and any data they find pertaining to the Dark Sun Crisis. Hel’con agreed.

Meanwhile captured on the Verox Orb, The Albatross, Cinnabar andDr Ru Zil were contained in stasis fields. They were questioned, and tried to explain the nature of p Plagus System’ sun but they would not listen. However, the Verox did learn a good deal about Cinnabar and Dr Zil.

Returned to the Dome, the Response Team tried to figure out a way to deal with their present situation. Deciding to capture SHIELD as their top priority, they approached Guardian about getting his help. Dr Zil gave him the argument that it would be for the greater good and safety for his people to give up SHIELD but Guardian refused to give up one of the fathers of his race, and leader of his people.

Hel’con surmised the AI cores would be held near the underground ship yard and core which the City was built around. He approached SHIELD telling him that they would try to reach the crashed spaceship in the jungle by the underground pathways. So the squad went down to the lower levels where the Fo Core and the shipyard was.

Dr Zil, wanting access to the AI Core, lied to SHIELD telling him that he could boost their defenses against Verox attacks. He argued with the synthetic but in the end the doctor won out.

Going to the AI core by himself, Dr Zil hacked into the network disabling the Core’s inner defenses but missing the alarm system. As he pulled Shield out of his insert, alarms went off, and GLOBAL warned over the comm system of the treason.

Dodging the internal defenses the doctor ran for the exit, while Hel’con ran to his aid. Hel’con was overcame by a squad of matter manipulators, while the doctor was forced into a corner.

The doctor tried to use SHIELD as a hostage but the Solatus did not buy it, agreeing to let him go if he gave up their leader. He agreed, and Cinnabar was forced to surrender. His captors escorted them back to the AI core where SHIELD was reinserted, and Cinnabar who noticed those who used matter manipulation were physically exhausted he dropped a grenade in the midst of them killing most of his captors and destroying SHIELD and GLOBAL’s inserts.

As Cinnabar and Dr Zil fended off the surviving Solatus, Hel’con spoke to the surviving AI, AID. AID convinced him that he did not intend harm as he is not involved with the management of the city instead his main directive is to maintain the medical facilities and ensure the survival and care of the Solatus, his creations.

Telling AID that all his children would die if the Verox attacked the city again, Hel’con convinced the AI to disguise himself as SHIELD and give itself to the Verox. AID agreed, calling for a full city evacuation as there was no AI to maintain the kinetic barriers, or the Fo Core.

Cinnabar and Dr Zil ran to the Verox to give them the AI insert, while Hel’con recovered GLOBAL’s data from the perch with only ten minutes until the next Dark Wave. As the Verox lifted off, not willing to risk going insane to wait for Hel’con he used his leg augments to leap on to the ship and hook himself on to the hull as they left atmosphere.

Hit by the after current of the wave, the Albatross’ kinetics held but Hel’con took the blast. He started to hallucinate imagining creatures creeping towards him as he entered a death trance.

The Albatross floated through space as The Long Night responded to the doctor’s distress call. Recovering Hel’con from space who was frozen, and seeing his dead sister as he was pulled into the med bay. Commander Cinnabar allowed the stranded Verox on to the ship for safe passage to the next port.



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