Sol's Exodus


Arriving at the pirate base, a base made of decommissioned space vessels, Grundy pretended to be the dead Red Howl pirate he found at the abandoned shuttle while Chen was his prisoner. Telling the lie to the pirate crew that this Ravarsi was salvaging the wreckage, resuscitated him only for Grundy to capture him and bring him here.

Paranoid, the pirates took Grundy before Eusz who accepted his story and told him to salvage the shuttle, while his pirate crew takes him to be put in their prison. Instead Grundy escorted Chen to the prison, finding the orphans but finding out that Kiadotros, the Warden’s daughter, was being held in the top floor of the prison ship because she was worth more. Grundy tried to convince a guard that he was being sent to check on her. The guard saw through his bluff and called to confirm over the Band Net. Grundy tried to kill the guard before he could send the message out but failed, the guard alerted the whole base of their presence.

Fighting off the pirates and rescuing the orphans and their caretaker the duo barely made it off the planet, as Chen was tempted to leave all of them besides the Warden’s daughter behind for the sake of survival.

As they left the asteroid they were intercepted by The Devil of the Seventh and the escapees barely managed to shoot their escape pods into the Phase Gate before they were incinerated. Grundy was badly injured but medical officers managed to heal him.

At Parliament, Cinnabar andRu Zil went to the Alliance Government Building to witness Cinnabar’s motion to transfer the Blood-sworn. He succeeded, and they tried to contact Hel’con but continually failed. Asking JARVIS for information, the VI revealed that the lost call Hel’con made before scheduling a shuttle was to Dok’lis. Ru’Zil called him, convincing Dok to send a search party for him. Also wishing to gage Dok’lis’ opinion of the situation, he found out that Dok’lis held an ambivalent opinion of Ma’kel’s movement of focusing on profit and Lokai interests.

Meanwhile, Hel’con was fixing his shuttle after his near scrape with death. A Lokai ship came into the system, and he hailed it. As he was pulled into the docking bay he recognized the insignia of Occipito’s Reach. He was captured, and chained to a bed in the medical bay. He encounteredAly’fes, now vastly more cyberneticly enhanced and covered in nanites. As they headed out to take him to their leader they became under attack by a Lokai Search and Rescue ship. Convincing a fearful terrorist to help him, he was taken to an escape pod in exchange for the ship’s safety.

Returning to Parliament, Hel’con retrieved The Cube from The Conclave. The AI told him that it was a knowledge repository of an ancient civilization, and said it was of no worth besides for purely academic reasons. Hel’con returned it to Chen.

Personally overseeing the prison transfer, they boarded The Yao_. On their way to Ika-tra, a royal escort sent by Senator Neous to accompany them. Going towards the Phase Gate that would take them to Ika-tra, a large frigate blocked the way. The escorts decided to investigate the first escort, The Spiky Hand_ ordered The Blunt Knife to investigate the freighter. Ru Zil noticed the Captain of The Spiky Hand’s voice had changed. The escort docked with the ship and the ship blew up taking both freighters out. The Spiky Hand docked with The Yao.

The Response Team blocked the boarding party’s attempt to disabled their Fo Core. As the ship pulled it’s docking connector away, Cinnabar jumped across as Hel’con threw everyone else with dark energy manipulation on to the other ship.



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