Sol's Exodus

One Jelly with a Shotgun

The Response team boarded The Spiky Hand heading to the engineering deck, killing all opposition and Ru Zil barely managed to stop the engineering deck from being vented. Turning off the core, the ship floated through space dead, with The Yao’s weapons locked on it. The Ikaite rebels surrendered their ship, and Cinnabar took them prisoner.

Arriving on Ika-tra, Cinnabar arrived on the planet to a hoard of supporters, though the rest of the team noticed that this was staged. Cinnabar departed the docks with Crag, Hel’con and Slash-Punch going to the Senate Chamber. Cinnabar noticing that his policies were less then popular he illegalized forced prostution, making the breeding houses voluntary only, and supported policies that protected those selling their bodies. He gave all military men a priority at working at the shipyards over any other citizen. His response to the riots in the cities were to use riot shields, and non-lethal means to get rid of them.

Ru Zil and Grundy went to the hospital to heal up, and while being attended by medical droids Grundy confronted Ru Zil about his involvement in the assassination of Plipphit. Ru Zil admitted he met with the ambassador the day of his murder and has no alibi. Knowing he had no proof to convict him, Grundy backed off.

Cinnabar went to The Pits to interrogate the Blood-Sworn. He threatened to dismember him and make him a grotesque but the prisoner stood firm stating that if he did that would only prove how much of a monster the tyrant is. Cinnabar released him, seeking to dishonour him through not killing him.

High Inquisitor Slash-Punch came to his king and showed him two of the weaker willed prisoners who were captured on The Spiky Hand. Cinnabar confronted Lampro who has a father on the frontlines, and a mother in the breeding houses. Asking Lampro about his relationship with his father, he said that his father respected his decision but did not necessarily agree with it. The King summoned the father, Potash back to Ika-tra so they could reunite.

Hel’con interfaced with Urodotros’ Cube entering a simul-space world where a VI began explaining all of galactic history. It seemed oblivious of any questions that important questions that Hel’con had on his mind, and the program projected it would take 20 years to relay all of this information to him. Not wanting to bring any more harm to his addled mind, he built a device in the simulation to delete the program. Once the program was destroyed, he found a door to a room, which was obviously hidden by the VI.

Coming into an office that looked like it belonged on Parliament he saw a corpse of an old man lying on the ground grasping a baby. Hel’con picked up the baby, it was cold to the touch, it’s green eyes expelling floating green cubes that drifted out of his eyes like tears. The baby introduced itself as Uro and The Herald. It explained that the Herald does not remember who it is, it hasn’t for a long time. Urodotros came into his home but could not leave so they became friends. Then a force came into the Cube and like a hammer smashed the whole place to bits. Herald would have died if Uro and it had not melded together but it still does not remember where it come from. It does know how to regain itself though, three places, an Otamic Tower over Roshan, an Adronikos Factory on Adron IV, and Valkon City that is hidden on Mars. Hel’con agreed that he would help him, and exited the Cube.

Devising a plan with Grundy, Cinnabar freed the other weak willed prisoner, Carbo. Grundy disguised himself as one of the other rebels and went along with them to a chapter house of the rebellion. Convincing the rebels that he was ready to return to active service, they sent him out to assail the Consulate of the Senate, Crag. Going along with it, Grundy took five Ikaite with him.

Meanwhile, Cinnabar met with Senator Neous, who was apparently responsible for sending the escorts. Neous denied those claims, and instead turned the conversation towards Cinnabar’s philosophy and policy making calling it “chaotic” and “directionless”. Cinnabar seeing the trap that the rebels set up for him, to kill Neous and get the neutrals on the opposition’s side, instead tried to convince Neous to join him. Neous already well liked, and respected across all of the Ikaite Empire, agreed to support him if he displaced Consulate Crag with an opposition member, and High Inquisitor Slash-Punch with a member of the moderates.

Meanwhile, Grundy returned to the chapter house calling Hel’con and Ru Zil to come help. As they headed over, the spy tried to delay them leaving with Crag via shuttle by getting his compatriots to brag about their victory. When his allies arrived by tracking the blood trail, they commed him again to ask if this was the address. Grundy tried to comm back but was caught. They bio scanned him and realized that he was a Kreitosh, pinning him down and beating him for information.

Ru Zil crept into the house, while Hel’con leapt to the roof to get a vantage point.

Realizing their operation was blown the rebels brought the unconcious Crag into the shuttle. Hel’con managed to leap on top of the ship while it flew away. Grabbing onto the door and managing to use the wiring to force the door open, as the Ikaite warriors fell out of the ship Hel’con lost his grip as well plummeting back to the ground. Grabbing on to the falling Ikaite warriors he using his dark energy powers to blast them before they hit the ground to slow his fall as he plummeted into the chapter house, shattering his cyber limbs and falling unconcious.

The Ikaite began to take both Hel’con and Grundy prisoner when Ru Zil came out of hiding in the chapter house with his shotgun taking out nine soldiers on by himself and rescuing both of his comrades.



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