Sol's Exodus

Magna Carta

Cinnabar and his allies Chenzhenivikay and Lucerni executed their plan. First attacking the Raction Star Clusteras a distraction for the Drakath forces. Cinnabar was put in command of the fleet, while Prince Woodbark was in charge of insertion and security teams on the Rock Bitch II, and the newly hired mercenary Octavian was given command of Bravo Squadron. They took the planet with limited casualties. After the Drakath surrendered, Cinnabar allowed the Magistrate of the system to be let free to end his life in dishonor in the wastes of the Hive Planet.

They then set course to meet with the main fleet, where they pushed their combined forces through the Phase Gates into Vir Space Vir. They happened upon Lokai fleets slaughtering Drakath occupied planets, the alliance apparently was breaking from Lokai betrayal. They encountered in the battles nanite weaponry and advanced ion cannons. The fleets made it to the Vir System and engaged the Vir Defense Fleet where the Ikaite managed to position their carriers to drop off forces, Bravo Squadron was destroyed while on a bombing run and Octavian barely escaped with his life, the Rock Bitch II was hacked from within by some sort of nanitic organism and forcibly crashed on to the planet’s surface.

Nevertheless Cinnabar pressed the attack. He directed his legions forward by leading from the front. Woodbark rode a Ravarian WHEEL into combat. While Octavian rode on the back of a Ikaite War Bike using it as a mobile sniper’s nest.

The invading force was overwhelmed by the defensive force, and Cinnabar pressed for the Palisades where the Lokai Assembly of the Elite were holding government. As his army routed around him, a sea of nanites rushed forth from the Palisades and faced with overwhelming odds against him, an army being slaughtered, and a fleet being crushed from superior naval defenses he called a retreat. Woodbark made a final stand being filleted by Lokai machine gun fire before the order was given, refusing to give pause to his onslaught.

Cinnabar and Octavian managed to secure evac off the planet but when they returned home they recieved dreadful news. Prince Lucerni who was thought to have the Triwek Princedoms under his thumb was invited to a meeting with the other nobles, only for it to be a trap for a slaughter of him and his relatives. His gains were split among the other Princes, and they gave his planet to a rival family.

The Ikaite had lost their partnership with the Triwek, and the ‘Time of Ascendancy’ was decreed over. Ikaite ambassadors a few days ago once high and mighty from their victories now were being punished by the newly appointed Alliance Assembly members. Cinnabar was to be called back to Parliament to have a discussion with them about “his people’s future in the union”.

The Lokai announced the Assembly of the Elite had unanimously elected a leader, Dok’Lis and recognized after the dreadful attack from Cinnabar that the stance of Occipito’s Reach was justified, and has appointed Occipito’s leader, Har’Ker as the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The Lokai have decreed that any alien ships found within their space will be detained, and any Drakath will be executed on sight. Their apparent goals to rebuild after the 300 million civilians killed on Vir, and the estimated 3 million military personnel who lost their lives defending Lokai sovereignty.

Most of The Red Wards leadership were killed including Marcus Becker, and most of it’s membership. With the renowned group in shambles a meeting of the remaining Captains has been called at Parliament to discuss their future.

The soldiers and ships of the Uro Dynasty now in tatters, Chenzehnivikay must return to the Imperium without much personal military power to a disappointed Emperor.



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