Sol's Exodus

The Greater Good

The Response Team weighed their options and in the end gave Alek the responsibility to bring the Parlimentary Parliamentsystems to order. In assigning him the task they also agreed to commit military forces to the Olpherian Homecoming and their mission to reclaim Fiate from the Drakath Empire.

Chen received news from Uro’s daughter on Hiajin the Ravarsi homeworld. She expressed her concern for his well being and hoped he was safe after the Verox attacks. The message also contained news of the state of the Imperium, that Empress Val-dotros was unsure of what course to take now that the ambassador has perished. There are rumors that she considers calling her ships assigned to Alliance fleets back to home until order is restored once again.

Whilst arriving on ParliamentRu Zil received a message from a VI belong to the Lis Pharmaceuticals. It listed one-hundred-thirty accused galactic crimes including unlawful harm to the denizens of the galaxy, and war crimes against the Lokai Assembly. If he would be convicted of all the crimes listed he would be detained in a cryogenic sleep cell for a period of 25 years. While under investigation the wealth that he had garnered while in employment of Lis Pharmaceuticals was frozen and he only had access to the money he has received as an officer of the Alliance.

After being refused by the law firms of the wealthy on Parliament he went to his only current employers, the Alliance military. He explained his situation, and they offered a contract. If the military was given the formula for payment for services rendered Ru Zil would be represented by them. By signing this contract an incarceration period of 25 years would be reprimand for breaking it but Ru Zil would still hold the patent Space Band Aids leaving him the ability to produce and sell his product in any corner of the galaxy he wished.

Meanwhile,Agent Grundy had been called back to the Veratoss Intelligence Service Headquarters by the Acting Commander Kor Soor. Kor Soor wished any updates on the current missions that he was assigned and specifically asked about his investigation into the murder of the ambassador, Plipht. Under consideration, Grundy revealed that he had discovered the murderer was in fact Dr. Ru Zil but he stressed Ru’s importance in the war effort and insisted that he remain free.

Kor agreed that he was important, but he was also a traitor to the Alliance. He would be detained for a short while until they could learn what he knows, and then they can turn him into an asset for the VIS to use. For his efforts, Kor promoted him to Operations Chief, and Alpha Agent on the field.

Considering his options, Ru left the meeting with the Alliance military without signing the contract. As he strolled outside to get some fresh air he found Alliance Military quickly surrounding him, and telling him to give up peacefully. He was bound and hooded, and led into an armored shuttle.

Cinnabar and Chen oblivious to developments concerning Ru Zil, considered the conequences of the Olpherian Homecoming. They knew that attacking Fiate would spur a war with them, so they looked for other means to take the planet. They contacted Adronika, the Queen’s Voice in the Drakath Empire seeking to come to peace terms with them. They were informed that the Queen had run out of patience with the Alliance and their continued back stabbing and defiance of the treaty and was intent on crushing the conglomeration of alien filth in one last war. However, the Voice had different political leanings and asked for them to meet her on Parthalax XICinnabar and Chen agreed and left Parliament to speak to Adronika.

Ru Zil awoke in a padded cell, drugged but unharmed Kor Soor told him that the Alliance government is aware of his treason. He was given an ultimatum tell the Alliance everything he knows of his companions, and the organizations he has dealings with, and serve the VIS as an operative and uncompromising asset or rot in hole for the rest of his life. Ru Zil demanded a trial but was rebuked. He demanded fair treatment but was rebuked. He demanded they show proof of his treason but was rebuked. Kor Soor left the cell to let Ru think it over.

Grundy was on the other side of the wall watching the whole time. As Kor Soor came back in Grundy started arguing for his release, how what they were doing was immoral, and unjust. Kor argued that Ru was a traitor to the Alliance and he is merely doing the greater good. He said that if they could control two members of the team, Ru and Grundy, that would secure the Alliance’s future. Grundy was enraged at this, and attacked Kor but Grundy underestimated Kor’s skill and the Commander’s Bio-Blade stunned Grundy to unconsciousness.

Detained in his cell, and unaware of the mutiny happening on the other side of the wall Ru looked for a way to escape. He noticed the air ducts were spilling something into the room, and as he struggled to retain consciousness a Veratoss entered the room. The Veratoss wore a mask, and despite Ru’s struggling picked him and carried him out. As he went unconscious he noticed Kor and Grundy’s unconscious bodies lying on the ground.

Cinnabar and Chen arrived on Parthalax XI to find a Drakath Hive Ship in orbit awaiting their arrival. Adronika had already set a small encampment in the enhived wastelands of the planet to serve as their meeting place. Cinnabar laid out what he wanted Fiate, and the continued peace between the Drakath and the Alliance. Adronika told him that it was impossible for her to meet those demands as long as the Queen holds power. If she could enlist Cinnabar’s help in a coup then she could deliver peace to the nations of the Alliance, and the Olpherian’s their home back.

Cinnabar agreed to those terms, and she gave him the first part of the plan. The Solatus on Plagus hold the dark energy manipulation abilities that would give her faction the strength to overthrow the Queen and her dog, Calabrakus. They shall take the planet together so she can study these abominations and learn their secrets so she can give them to her soldiers. Chen and Cinnabar left the planet securing a partnership for the Alliance.

Ru Zil awoke in a compound owned by The Order. He was fed and clothed, and met with the Compound’s leader, Aromia. She told him that the secrets of The Order could not be risked and they saved Ru to protect them. For repayment she asked of PRAXIS, and what purpose he served. Ru explained what he had learned in the past few weeks, and the threat the galaxy faced. She gave Ru a shuttle to leave on, and reminded him that he has brothers and sisters all around him, that he is never alone.

Grundy awoke in a cell with Kor Soor sitting across from him. Kor interrogated him on what happened to Ru, and why he betrayed his commander. Grundy denied any knowledge of the events of his escape and told him his coup’s purpose was to put someone in power that was a moral person, and who’s interests were of the galaxy not just the Alliance. Kor told him he would be brought before a jury and executed tomorrow to show what happens when you betray the Alliance.

As Ru Zil arrived back on the planet, the news hit of Solanum code name: GRUNDY was detained for treason and had a war trial the next day. Ru Zil refused to visit him but Cinnabar and Chen did. Chen offered to kill him mercifully, but refused to offer him any help because he was without honor as he had betrayed them.

The next day, the three attended the trial where Solanum was executed for his crimes of treason against the Universal Alliance. He was given a solution of venom that is terminal to all Kreitosh, it dried his skin that it flaked and cracked as he painlessly died from dehydration in seconds.



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