Sol's Exodus

For the Universe

Cinnabar returned to his embassy to find the VIS Acting Commander Kor Soor to be waiting for him. He was looking for the whereabouts of Ru Zil as he has a warrant for his arrest. Cinnabar let him know that Ru Zil was on his ship The Sol Invictus.

Ru Zil was awoken by JARVIS reporting that there were some VIS officers requesting to come on board stating they have a warrant for his arrest. He went with them peacefully back to Parliament where he was detained and questioned by a VIS officer named Syn.

Ru Zil frequently denied that he murdered Ambassador Plipht stating that he was falsely accused and the evidence against him was illegally attained. Syn showed him the evidence, his contact and aiding the escape of the known hit man, Ofaar. The tampering with the security of Plipht’s residence. The confession that he met with the Ambassador the same day he was murdered, and his lack of an alibi.

Ru Zil, faced with internment but unwilling to betray the Order told half truths about his time with Ofaar and the assassination of Plipht. He convinced Syn that he freed Ofaar because he was an asset, and when he returned to Parliament the assassin found him and returned his kindness with treachery. He revealed to him that he was a member of The Order, and that he was on assignment to kill the ambassador. The Ambassador was doing dirty dealings with the Drakath and had to be stopped. Ofaar told him he would kill him if he did not comply. So Ru tampered with the security and met with the Ambassador who refused to admit he was a traitor, and adjust his practices. Ofaar shot him in the back, and Ru Zil escaped.

He went on to explain that since then he has had limited contact with The Order and it’s members. He does not know where they reside, who their members are, or what their command structure is. Syn believed his story and offered him a deal, he can walk free if he is observed and handled by a VIS agent in exchange. He was given a tracking device placed inside a BANDNET device, and a quantam entanglement device was installed in his ear to monitor him, and communicate with him. If he commits any sort of treason the VIS can use the BANDNET device to disable him with electric shocks ripples sent out from it.

Meanwhile, Cinnabar and Chen agreed that they need to gather armies for their assault on Plagus. Chen took a shuttle back home to Hiajiin, the Ravarsi homeworld, while Cinnabar headed to the Ascension War front on the planet Tene to meet with Tribune Slag.

Arriving on the home world, he went straight to the Baroque Palace to see Empress Valdotros. He asked to have a private audience with her over supper. She complied but would bring her brother Kal with her.

As they convened over a meal, Chen brought up a potential alliance with the Drakath. Kal interrupted him before he was allowed to finish, stating that the Ravarsi would never work with the Drakath as allies. Too much blood of the dynasties had been spilled fighting them. The Imperium must focus on securing their borders until order is restored. Seeing he would get no support from the royals he left the Palace to go home to Uro.

As he was leaving he was approached by an Ovikim. He told Chen that the Master of Xin, Rorgdotros wished to meet with him. Rorg had been banished from the city for speaking out against the Empress, so Chen had to divert his course to the Xin Lands.

Rorg’s confessed that his spies reported to him that he had met with the Empress and that he had been denied a proposal with an alliance with the Drakath. Rorg confesses he believes the Empress short sighted and has always been a tool for her brothers and their ambition. He believes an arrangement can be made if the Dynasties of Uro and Xin align.

The Master of Xin does not want war but he thinks the Dynastic Imperium requires a leader that recognizes that friendship with the Alliance is paramount to their survival. If the royal family could be taken care of there would be no opposition to Rorg’s rule and bringing their full support by the Alliance. Chen agreed only if he would be on the new Emperor’s council which Rorg agreed to.

Chen returned to his home to gather forces and ships to attack Plagus. He explained to Uro’s daughter Persephdotros why he needed the forces. She trusted her father’s Proteriat and his decision expressing that they needed to bring her father back as soon as possible.

Cinnabar arrived on Tene to witness the Ikaite and Tri-weks sieging the planet. He met with the Tribune and commanded that he give him command of all the forces he can spare. He left the system with 2 legions of 10 million men and 22 cruisers, one carrier, and seven frigates.

Ru Zil received a communique from Detective Fe’Rel stating that he was in hiding on Vir for investigating Ma’Kel. He had discovered Ma’Kel has relations with Occipito’s Reach and needs his help.

Ru arrived on Vir and sought out Fe in a safe house at the edge of the city. There he shared that he had investigated Ma’Kel after he showed him photographs of his weapons in storage.

“He investigated his connection ”/campaign/sol-s-exodus/wikis/ou-robotics" class=“wiki-page-link”> ‘Ou Robotics and discovered that they were researching and producing mind control nanites, illegal on multiple laws limiting the capabilities of technology. As he dug deeper he managed to secure passage to the Pherus system as a robotic repair specialist. Ma’Kel bought the Pherus system ten years ago after his retirement from public life. As he arrived they tried to perform an operation on all the new workers in which he evaded by taking a shuttle down to the planet’s surface. There he managed to sneak into Ma’Kel’s home, heavily modified guards were there, and military grade defenses. He found tech there emblazoned with the sign of Occipito’s Reach. He was captured, but managed to escape custody and made his way to Ma’Kel’s office where retrieved all the data off the network.

They discovered him as he tried to leave but was shot at, taking a shot in the leg. He managed to sneak into a cargo container to Vir and use his emergency eco pod to breathe in until he reached atmosphere. While he was in the container he went through the data he found and discovered a security recording dating back four months ago.

A recording of Ma’Kel outside his mansion waiting for something. A shuttle flew down to the ground, and opened it’s passenger door. He bent on one knee as a little girl ran out and braced him in a hug. He began to convulse as a cloud of nanites spilled out of the girl and into Ma. He dropped down to the ground, as the empty husk of the young girl lay down beside him. A few minutes later Ma’Kel gets off the ground stepping over the membrane of his grand daughter and into the shuttle. The shuttle takes off into the sky.

Fe’Rel took his evidence to the Captain of the Vir Security Force and he was called insane. Later that night heavily modified gun men shot up his house killing his wife. He managed to escape with his daughter and has been hiding ever since. "

In the date he had stolen from Ma’Kel’s network he found mention of a plan called Black Web. He asked Ru to investigate it and stop Occipito’s Reach from whatever they are planning.

He returned to Parliament and met with Lis Pharmaceuticals’ legal team where they explained their charges against him, and the core of their legal prosecution that Ru only left the company because he was passed over for promotion over Ma’Kel. He was given a plea deal to hand over the patent in exchange for life employment as the head of marketing and a seat on the board.

They arrived at the staging area of their attack, and discussed battle plans with Adronika. They decided that Chen would take a small force into the space station that Solatus had repurposed and disable it so they could not warn those on the planet of the fleet’s approach. Cinnabar would lead the forces on the ground breach the city they had built around the crashed Verox orb in the jungle, slaughter their army, and capture the civilian population.

Chen took two Drakath soldiers with him Mandible-Face an engineer and Mook a soldier. Evading the space station’s detection they zero-g jumped to a closed air lock where Mandible-Face opened it. They snuck into the small shuttle that the Solatus had used for transport and installed a virus on board that disabled all function. Exploring further into the station they found the Solatus on the observation deck where they had set up a command post, slaughtered them, and gave the signal to the fleet to move in.

Cinnabar landed on the planet with his legions marched into the jungle and took the army by surprise. He breached the walls and his army pooled in, Guardian the leader of the Solatus nation personally led the defense against the massive army. Cinnabar was hit by a massive explosion of dark energy by a Solatus soldier blowing him through a wall and shattering his shoulder. Chen arrived to assist and shot in the gut. However, the army managed to finish off the resistance.

The Drakath disabled the Solatus civilians in the Orb with a neuro-toxin and began shipping them into their ships. As thousands were carted off world Cinnabar found Guardian an old ally dying as he watched as the remnants of his people be kidnapped for unknown purposes. He only wanted to know why he and all he knew was destroyed. Cinnabar’s only answer was “The galaxy, and the greater good.” Doing little to comfort him Guardian died betrayed and shattered.



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