Sol's Exodus


The Drakath perform a coup with the Response Team's help


The Alliance government was convened on Parliament in the old stadium used for sports entertainment before the Attack on Parliament. The meeting concerned the Olpherian Homecoming and it’s request for allies. Alek made a rousing speech to call for support but in the end he received no answer but from the Targin. Cinnabar publicly denied him, but organized a meeting with the lobbyist at his penthouse in the News Net building.

Octavian meanwhile met with his co-captains Grey Wolf and Tusk at the Cracked Shell Brewery. The Red Wards had been approached with two contracts, from the Swarm, and a Hiveguard group called STL. Since promoting Octavian head captain word had spread of a Drakath being in charge of the Wards. This led to the belief that the reasonably unknown soldier and his company would follow the Code of Drak due to Octavian’s heritage giving them reason to approach him with contracts.

The Swarm wanted to hire the mercenaries for patrol work, jockeying Hornets, and large scale infilitration but first must prove themselves with jockeying exercises over their home planet, Drakarum. Octavian chose the Swarm, and contacted them a few hours later. He convinced the Swarm Commander in charge to give 60 percent of the money up front before he would send his men.

Cinnabar, Ru, and Chen met with Alek telling him of their orchestrated coup of the Drakath Swarm. Cinnabar told him to stop the attack on Fiate, so once the coup was over the new Drakath leadership could hand the planet over peacefully. Alek told them to talk to General Kar as he was in charge of all operation from this point forward.

Cinnabar, Alek and Chen went to the Hamic System to meet with Kar on his flagship dreadnought The Moderation. They explained the situation with Kar, and got him to agree to stop all hostilities if Cinnabar put forth the motion for Olpherians to become Assembly member species.

Cinnabar, Chen, and Ru Zil went to Ika-tra to meet with High Inquisitor Neous at the Palace. Neous explained that after the war the Ikaite people are beaten down, tired and restless. A people without hope. To cur future rebellion the Senate is pushing for more autonomy to essentially become independent states that answered to the Emperor Chief. Cinnabar refused this motion, and taking Neous’ advice that the people would be more eager to fight if they had a chance for representation gave the Ikaite municipal representation. A solution that would placate the masses for the short term to get them motivated for Cinnabar’s oncoming wars.

The Response Team met up at the staging area of Adronika’s coup there they met her Swarm Commander Sureika. Ikaite cruisers, and the Olpherian’s dreadnought The Moderation and cruisers met them there.

Octavian explained to Cinnabar that he had been hired by Calabrakus’ swarm, and his mercenaries were currently on Drakarum, armed and ready. Cinnabar agreed to use Octavian’s inside men but leveled suspicion at the Wards Captain’s duplicitous ways.

They devised an invasion plan for Octavian to meet up with his mercenaries and man their Hornets waiting for Cinnabar’s arrival. Cinnabar would enter the system undetected, knocking out their outpost before it could send a signal, and attack the fleets there. Ru Zil would take 40 cruisers and fly through the radiation belt. They would destroy Lothram Station which prevents their carriers from landing, engage Swarm Commander Calabrakus’ flagship The Apex so he could not escape, and land on the planet and capture The Citadel.

Heading out, Octavian arrived on Drakarum and quickly told Tusk about the coup, and their intent to betray Calabrakus’ Swarm. Tusk was just happy he was getting paid. The mercenary then ordered his men to fill a Hornet with as much explosive material as possible, take the ship up by cargo lifter, and leave it in orbit for pick up later. He then joined up with his men on the training exercises in the Hornets.

Cinnabar’s fleet entered the system. Chen, in charge of the Drakath Hornet squadron flew to Vicius Outpost to take it out before it could send an alert message. He failed, and the fleets around Drakarum were alerted of his presence.

Apex Fleet went behind Galeneus to ambush as the Phase Gate Fleet began moving the highly explosive Solar Farms in front of the planet for a trap. Seeing that Cinnabar was heading into a trap, Octavian sent an encrypted message to The Moderation warning the Emperor Chief of the peril.

Ru Zil having traversed the radiation belt, had lost 22 of his cruisers but arrived directly above Drakarum. As Calabrakus scrambled to respond, the two fleets pincer-ed his fleets.

Octavian deciding to show his true colors to the Drakath ordered his men to execute a bombing run on the unsuspecting cruiser fleet. Then making his way to the cargo lifter docking his Hornet on it and carrying the star fighter filled with explosives close to Lothram Station as Ru Zil barraged it with the cruisers command, the resulting destruction destroyed the station and allowed the carriers access to Drakarum.

The Apex still engaged with The Moderation and The Luciferous, and all their armies landing on the home planet of the Drakath the Response Team is finally ready to unify this galaxy for the threats to come.



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