Sol's Exodus

Danger's Rebirth

It has been six months since the retrieval of The Pale Horse there has been no retaliation from the Verox, the Alliance remains at peace as the rest of the galaxy struggles from strife.

The construction of the Pale Horse is long underway and is due to being finished in the coming weeks. Code naming the project “Baetylus” the super weapon has been kept on an extreme need to know basis, and is the most expensive construction venture the Alliance has committed to since the “Path to Honor”.

The Triwikian War with the Drakath has been going well for the Princedoms. After the death of their last Swarm Commander, Jabraxal the Drakath Hive has struggled to replace the legendary general. Though recently finding his replacement with Calabrakus one of the Hive Commanders that led Mercy Swarm into Lokai space and participated in the Battle of Vega. With the combined weakness of their enemies, and the might of the Ikaite at the Triweks back they are pushing to break the Drakath lines past their borders and into the Hive’s own systems.The Triweks have started to call this the War of the Ascendancy , where they predict that this is the beginning of an era of new found power and prestige for the Princedoms, and undoubtedly future spoils.

The Unival have continued to push out of their systems taking colony worlds for themselves, analysts predict the reason is that they are running out of planets for their booming population that needs more room to spread out.
- -

Hel’con has spent the last six months on planet Noor recuperating from the mental trauma of being infected with dark energy. In order to help with his disability the Conclave installed a cybernetic chip that would keep the insanity at bay, and let him focus the dark energy within his system. He managed to ignore the continued visions of his sister, using the peace and self reflection the resort world provided to strengthen his will.

He received a visit from the new Drakath swarm commander, Calabrakus. Calabrakus discussed with him the promise he made to Jabraxal before his demise, that he would destroy the Lokai Assembly of the ELite. Telling the Swarm Commander that it would be done, he then messaged Dok’lis and warned him of the Drakath’s interest in the leadership’s demise. He then ventured off to Parliament to go see the inauguration of the Ikaite.

Cinnabar had spent the last six months fighting the war against the Drakath and Lokai. As his armies pilfered the remains of Lympha, he recieved an important communication from Aldoor, the Kreitosh Assembly representative, who wants to meet him when he’s on planet for the inauguration. As part of becoming an Assembly member he was assigned a VIS agent to protect him, Agent Grundy.

Commander Ru Zil now commanding the Sol Invictus in the Hades Cluster scouting for threats was conferring with his second in command, Lieutenant-Commander Anaivakay when he was attacked by genetically modified Olpherians. He killed his assailants and brought them to his lab where he identified that whoever modified the assassin’s genes were using Unival methodology. On his way to Parliament, Ru recieved a transmission from Dok’lis that he should prepare himself for a board meeting in a few days as their new board member the legendary Ma’kel is making a proposal to the board.

On Parliament, Urodotros a renowned diplomat and academic told his Proteriat, Chenzhenivakay to approach the new Assembly member, Cinnabar and gain his trust so they could gain a friend in the Assembly room.

Cinnabar arrived on the planet to have Grundy disguised as a Ravarsi soldier informing the Ikaite of friend’s good service record, and disappear around the corner to transform into Grundy and introduce himself. After that confusing introduction, Chenzhenivakay approached the ambassador to see if he could count on his help, Cinnabar agreed to to help Urodotros if he could expect help from him in return. Chen left to tell his master of the good news.

Cinnabar was contacted by Mathis now Commander of the ARG reminding him of their arrangement that he would take all the blame for the disaster at the Battle of Vega, and give the credit to the recovery of the Pale Horse to the ARG.

Cinnabar’s new bodyguard, Grundy is actually assigned to watch and report on Cinnabar to veto him as a potential threat to the Alliance. He was also given a secondary mission, to investigate the nine month old assassination of the Ploth ambassador, Plipht. Questioning Ven Brill, the person who was framed for the crime under the guise of his heat pack partner, Jam Eel he discovered that someone tampered with the VIS’ security systems at Plipht’s apartment the morning before the assassination. Checking the logs for who accessed Plipht’s apartment security was General Ploopht, Agent Griff, and Commander Ru Zil.

Talking to General Ploopht first he learned that nine months ago the General was responsible for ensuring that Parliament’s security was up to date, and protected from potential Drakath tampering.

Agent Griff was Plipht’s liason to the agency and was required to keep tabs on the ambassador at all times. He was with a sexual liason at the time of the assassination. Grundy checked in on the sexual liaison, Jennell she confirmed his alibi and he hired her to entertain Cinnabar after his inauguration.

Chen returned to his master’s home to find him in a coma gripping an ancient cube. The Proteriat called doctors and they admitted they have no knowledge of what caused the coma, but that it seems that his mind has been wiped and there is no consciousness left in his body. As tradition demands, Chen was assigned to take over his responsibilities.

The inauguration of Cinnabar began as Dhat Mas, introduced Cinnabar to the crowd and welcomed him as a member of the Assembly. Cinnabar went on to say an extremely dry speech explaining the Dark Sun Crisis, and neglecting to mention the ARG at all, betraying his promise to them. A shot rang out on the top of the stadium a huge blast of FO energy destroyed most of the stage, but failed to kill Cinnabar.

The Response Team chased down the would be assassin, Hel’con paralyzing him with dark energy. The assassin was an Ikaite with marks all over his skin denoting that he was on a Blood Quest, and finding a weapon that had a Fo Core installed inside of it giving it untold power potential. The assassin was taken to Tartarus for detainment.

The Assembly was taken to a military bunker for their own protection, the Response Team followed along with Chenzhenivakay. Chen informed the Assembly about Urodotros’ ailment, and requested their help with the device that was found at his body. Hel’con decided to take a look at it.

Hel’con, Cinnabar, and Ru Zil got into Hel’con’s shuttle to leave when they realized it was full of spiders composed of nanites. The shuttle exploded and created mass panic. PHIL tracked these nanites back to the civilian residential sector of Parliament but Hel’con decided not to pursue.

Hel’con, Cinnabar, and Ru Zil went to the Spire to see the Conclave. Consulting with the AI, the gun found on the Ikaite assassin was extremely advanced about 100 years more advanced current Alliance tech. The biology on the modified Olpherians was indeed Unival design. Hel’con also showed the Conclave the Cube which sparked it’s interest, it agreed to examine the cube for them.



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