Sol's Exodus



As the war quickly descended upon the species of the Milky Way the Response Team used this opportunity to recruit and organize their forces. Ru convinced the Unival Collective to join forces with the Drakath and Alliance to halt PRAXIS’ advance while Cinnabar recruited the Triwikan Princedoms, and the Red Howls.

Ru even managed to convince Aromia for The Order to reveal their existence to the united governments of the galaxy in order for them to use their resources to assist in the cause.

Slash Punch swore an oath to protect Cinnabar, and would die when he died.

Across every communication channel a message went out from PRAXIS’ general Mareth. He called for the civilized of the Milky Way to lay down their arms, and accept their “rebirth” in exchange their families would not be slaughtered by the oncoming forces.

As panic crept through the civilian masses, Ru Zil addressed the people and convinced them that they would defeat PRAXIS, as they were prepared. His speech brought order back to the panicked worlds.

The attack begun, a three pronged attack in the Unival, Alliance and Drakath sectors. Dark Energy Beasts with their Live Ships and telekinetics assailed the Veratoss planets. The Verox controlled by PRAXIS attacked the Drakath, and The Built creations of The Factory assailed the Unival.

The Dark Suns began shedding massive purple waves of dark energy, like they were pulled by deep ocean currents they began moving towards the Baetylus. The Research Division set up in Keelik began putting every effort forth to devise a way to track the direction of the dark energy, and find the location of the Baetylus.

As the armadas held the line, Cinnabar commanded the fleets in the Alliance, Ru in the Drakath, and Chen in the Unival, SIRE led the efforts in the research project. Ru authorizedUro-HERALD to be installed in the Conclave housing system giving it supreme control of the Alliance’s systems to assist in the research endeavours.

During the conflict the Ravarsi and Veratoss fleets were lost along with thousands of lives.

SIRE and his team tracked the location of the Baetylus, and so the combined military forces of every civilized government in the galaxy attacked the location in hopes of capturing the Baetylus.

Ru convinced Keelik to join the fight as he was the only one capable of slip space travel telling him that when there is no other choice you have to fight, even if that means death. Keelik agreed to do it, with SIRE at the helm assisting Keelik fly, Ru manned the gunnery pod.

As they entered the system PRAXIS’ armada surrounded the Baetylus that hailed wave upon wave a fire and plasma upon the ships of the species of the Milky Way. Keelik skirted around the fire, deftly dodging the fire, as Ru fired upon ships in pursuit. They ordered the Howls to watch their backs and saw as the Devil of the Seventh burst into shards from fire from a Live Ship.

They managed to reach the Baetylus as it opened a slip space tunnel to escape. Keelik pursued and as they came out of the other side they came upon a familiar sight, Ika-tra.

The Baetylus in orbit above Ika-tra as a great hurricane looms above the eastern continent of the planet. An energy beam permeates from the eye of the storm and rised all the way to the ship.

SIRE knowing that the beam was from the tethering device, and knowing that the device always had a slip space connection with the ship suggested that they go down to the planet to use it.

They flew down on a shuttle through the hurricane SIRE’s ship keeping them afloat until they approached the eye. There an ivory tower ascended from the massive crevices that were created by the Ploth mining operations. Mareth and his dark energy beasts stand among them acting as warden to the orb shaped tethering device.

Flying in, Mareth grabbed on to the ship with his telekinesis almost crashing ship into the crevice. SIRE barely managed to recover it as the Response Team had to leap off the ship before it fell into the crevice.

They confronted Mareth, the creature spoke of its rebirth and the inevitability of PRAXIS’ victory, that no matter what they do PRAXIS has planned a counter move to it. That Mareth was the counter move to the Response Team, he was the reborn version of Jabraxal recovered from Installation 343, and reborn in the crysallis in Keelik he was designed to serve PRAXIS and kill the Team.

He revealed that Cinnabar’s whole existence was of PRAXIS’ design. He had created the Ikaite to be PRAXIS’ killing tools to fulfill his plan. Grown to be fiercely loyal and respectful of strength and power, this was only stopped when Cinnabar killed his father and interrupted their plans.

Ika-tra itself was PRAXIS’ creation an artificial planet chock full of flubotnium to entice Alliance intervention, and where the tethering device could be hidden. The mining operations of the Ploth discovered the tethering device and that’s why Ika-tra was to be attacked along with the plan to kill SIRE.

As the Response Team attacked Mareth, their PRAXIS devices gained a mind of their own and betrayed their former masters. Ru’s nanite healer released a horde of nanites to eat away at them, and Cinnabar’s arms transformed into a scorpion that released vicious pulses of energy.

In the midst of the conflict while Mareth slip space traveled around them ambushing them at every turn, Slash Punch stabbed CInnabar in the back. He was the cyborg spy within the Ikaite ranks who had been hidden among them to cause chaos and discord.

The battle ended when Cinnabar impaled Slash Punch through the throat with his own amputated arm while SIRE knee capped Mareth and blew his head apart with three rounds of sniper fire.

Knowing that if they destroy the tethering device it would cause a cataclysmic meltdown of the Baetylus’ system causing an explosion that destroy the Ikaite, Ravarsi, Veratoss, and Neutral Zone killing trillions of people. Instead they used the slip space connection to board the bridge of the Baetylus.

On the bridge, PRAXIS’ avatar looked down upon the twisting hurricane on Ika-tra as he congratulated the Response Team on their tenaciousness but it was time to give in. The Baetylus was already full of dark energy the equivalent of a quadrillion megaton bombs was contained within it, and it had to be dispensed or the Baetylus would blow.

PRAXIS offered to take them to the Precursors, he would tell his sires about what they had done, and perhaps if they were impressed enough they would be raised to a higher level of consciousness. The team did not believe him knowing PRAXIS’ to be a creature of pride and deceit he would never share his victory, or permit them to survive this encounter.

They instead deciding to begin purging the system, to lock PRAXIS inside the network unable to influence it or get out. With the system reboot it endangered the dark energy hitting cataclysmic meltdown so Ru went down to the dark energy containment to keep it sealed. Cinnabar went with him, as dark energy beasts and others PRAXIS’ servants began assaulting them to help their master.

SIRE and Chen stayed on the bridge of the ship to keep the purge going, while Chen watched his back. As beasts flooded at both teams, Chen died protecting his comrade he was flung to the side by a wave of dark energy and snapping his neck on a metal beam.

Cinnabar covered the entrance to the containment facility while Ru went inside the radiation doors to manually contain the leakage. Cinnabar broke his arm as he tossed down beast after beast, until the purge was complete.

Ru meanwhile keeping the dark energy containment secure had taken so much radiation that he felt his mind slipping as he drew closer and closer to blacking out. He injected himself with a lethal amount of morphine before he peacefully passed from this world.

The dark energy beasts howled out in pain as PRAXIS was no longer able to control them through dream space.

Cinnabar and SIRE met on the bridge where they had to decide what to do with the Baetylus before the containment units bursted. They decided the best course of action was to use the slip space tunnel to the Precursors once there Cinnabar would unleash the waves where when interacting with the door to their pocket universe would cause a cataclysmic explosion destroying the surrounding galaxy.

SIRE said farewell, and took an escape pod down to Ika-tra where Keelik arrived to pick him up.

Cinnabar took the ship through slip space travelling for what felt like months. Upon arrival the ship was before a glass window into an other world, the entrance to the Precursors pocket universe. Before Cinnabar could release the dark energy he was confronted by an wispy light that begged him not to do this.

The Precursor promised to give him ascendance, god-like knowledge and power in exchange for their lives. Cinnabar wanted none of these things, he wanted to be free from control, and to be the most glorious warrior the Ikaite had ever birthed.

“I will be the first Ikaite to kill a God.”

He released the wave of energy and as it collided with the gateway, time seemed to stop right before an explosion errupted and the very vacuum surrounding it seemed to quake. Cinnabar and all the Precursors were atomized and the surrounding galaxy was consumed in the apocalyptic explosion.

SIRE returned to Alliance Space informing the united peoples of their victory and the rest of the Response Team’s heroic sacrifice.

In the next few years the galaxy stayed largely united, borders had been drawn up, and trade continued between the four factions of the galaxy. The Drakath began expanding into the Unknown Territories to create their hive worlds. The Unival ended their quarantine having ended the threat of the Ichythus once and for all.

SIRE and Uro-HERALD continued to guide the Alliance along their way in a more advisory role. SIRE soon built himself a host of immortal synthetic bodies to inhabit and Octavian was given to the Red Wards to make a funeral for him.

The heroes that were lost in the fight, Dr. Ru Zil who was posthumously given the rank of Admiral, Cinnabar who was commerated by the Ikaite as the Emperor of Life and savior of their people, and Chenzhenivikay the first proteriat to be given his own house, Dynasty Chen to be eternal advisors and friends to the Emperor of the Rock.

Life continues on because of their sacrifice, and their unrelenting pursuit for the liberty of sentient species.

“Every time I look out a view port screen and see a sun dangle in the vacuum I am reminded that each breath I take is a gift from them and for that their legacy will never be forgotten.” – Admiral Sachar


What You Love Will Be Lost


Ru Zil met with Kor Soor to discuss the possibility of Uro-HERALD being hosted in The Conclave’s old housing system. Kor worried that the Son would have unrestricted access to the Alliance’s BAND-Net would have to vet the synthetic before they could begin considering it.

Kima, now the head of the task force to stop the Dark Suns, asked for the opportunity to study Keelik and his slip space drive. They convinced Keelik that Kima and her team are trustworthy, and promised that there would be no warships near him at any time.

Octavian met withGrey Wolf, the recruitment numbers are up for the Red Wards, contracts and money were flowing in. A problem had arisen though, the mercenary group The Blue Coats and their leader Chell had learned that Octavian had betrayed his contract during the Drakath Coup, and that he was originally employed by the Swarm.

Octavian met with Wolf’s contact Coss, an exiled member of The Blue Coats. Coss an addict to rube an illegal street drug, was beaten up by Octavian after he wanted to be paid before he set up a meeting with Chell.

Scheduling a meeting over the BAND-Net, Chell believed he was meeting a potential client. Octavian threatened to destroy Chell’s company if he screwed with him, and they came to an arrangement to merge the two companies placing Chell in a leadership position replacing Tusk.

The Response Team went to Ika’tra to investigate the bomb attack. There they found the world in chaos as they reeled from the devastation from their capital being destroyed. The Ploth strip mining that delved deep into the crust of the planet had caved in even though it was across the world from the attack at the city.

Cinnabar picked up a recorded distress call from Slash-Punch detailing that he was organizing a resistance from the Dark Energy monstrosities that were on the planet. They took their shuttles down to the coordinates of his distress call. A small force of beleaguered Ikaite were waiting below excited to see their leader’s return they relayed the events of what happened.

An explosion went off in the inner city. Soon after, those aliens did not die had gone insane and began murdering those who survived with telekinetics. These monstrosities rally and become more controlled under the influence of the Dark Energy Beasts of PRAXIS’ design. Slash-Punch had gone out to search for more survivors, and survey the Palace, as a large congregation of them had gathered there.

The Team went off to find Slash-Punch, and found him after dealing with some monstrosities rampaging through the streets. Slash-Punch relayed that the Beasts were leading the monstrosities into the Palace. Cinnabar surmised that they were trying to get to SIRE, in order to destroy him.

Using Slash-Punch’s knowledge of the palace they decided to try to get to the secret tunnels inside the palace. The entrance to these tunnels were at the newly erected slums in which after the attack had been put up into a blaze.

Running through the blaze of buildings, and continually being assaulted by a horde of monstrosities, they barely made it inside before they were overwhelmed.

They sneaked through the broken hallways of Cinnabar’s once illustrious palace, and found the monstrosities assaulting the huge security door to SIRE’s hosting room. They killed them, and were welcomed inside by a dying SIRE.

SIRE relayed that a hulking monster led these beasts inside the palace via slip space tunnel. The bomb came in separately inside the Senate chamber and SIRE would not have had the time to protect himself from the explosion if Dovan had not heroically sacrificed himself to attack the leader clawing him across the face.

SIRE was all together too weakened to live much longer, and needed a new host in order to survive properly. Octavian offered himself up thinking to get more power and knowledge than he had before. Yet, SIRE was not Uro-HERALD where he wanted to create a symbiosis between organic and synthetic, SIRE wanted control. He forced Octavian to be a mere whisper in the back of his head, while SIRE had dominant control.

Ru ZIl received orders to plant the listening device on SIRE that would also serve as a tracker so the VIS could keep tabs on him at all times.

SIRE directed the team to go to the Senate chamber so they could possibly recover the Slip Space Drive. They fought their way through the monstrosities and beasts, and managed to find a leaking drive. Getting pick up, Ru Zil refused to let SIRE on his ship unless he could do a full physical on him. SIRE refused and directed an Alliance search and rescue to take him to Parliament.

Going directly to Keelik where the Research Division was studying his slip space drive. They asked Kima to take a look at the slip space drive. Kima had discovered an interesting fact about long range slip space drive, there always had to be a tethering point in order to travel, or else the user would risk losing themselves between universes. She offered to trace the origin point of the drive’s last tunnel, or she could use it for her research and build a few drives for their ships. The Team decided to use the drive as a trans locator, tracing the travel point to the Thanos Nebula where there were four of PRAXIS’ fleets waiting to assault.

The Team decided to use the Drakath Fleet on a surprise attack on the fleets. As Surieka preps the Apex and his battle groups for battle, the onset to war has begun, maybe even the final war for every species in the Milky Way.



Syn messaged Ru telling him to meet her at the Cracked Shell Brewery. There she gave him a mission to plant a chameleon listening device to put on SIRE so the VIS could observe any communications Cinnabar has with the Son. Ru Zil set up a meeting with a high ranking VIS member.

The Assembly calls a meeting in which Cinnabar invites Ru Zil to sit in on. There the Assembly was fully informed of the Ikaite and Olpherian’s role in the Drakath coup. Cinnabar managed to convince the other Assembly members that the attack was completely necessary and he did it for the Alliance and not for his own personal ambitions.

Cinnabar urged the Assembly to speak to the new Queen Adronika and start negotiations for a secret alliance between them.

Ru Zil headed back to his apartment, where upon entering all electronics disabled in the area. On his desk he found an Order Quantum Entanglement Communicator to Aromia.

Aromia informed him that the planet Versuvian, the location of the Cartographer has been destroyed. She had placed Order agents on the planet to find and research whatever the Cartographer is. They managed to find a massive ship underground that had been buried for tens of millennia and a map of the universe.

While exploring this ship PRAXIS attacked, and only one survivor from the Order team escaped with a scan of the ship and a saved version of the map. The survivor returned to them suffering from severe mental duress. Every time they asked the survivor about the attack he merely states “The beasts came first, and then their leader, a monster of muscle and claws, its wings blotted out the sun as his ashen hands grabbed the air my friends died, their necks empty where their throats had been seconds before.”

Aromia asked Ru to share this information with the Alliance.

The Response Team left in the Sol Invictus to the Anemi System to investigate the Over Mind’s information of PRAXIS’ Super Lab there. Upon entry they were hit by extreme solar winds ripping at the ship, the Sol Invictus was damaged and leaked radiation into the internal. Chen managed to helm the ship clearing into a safe zone from the winds, and the location of the Super Lab.

The Super Lab a small trident shaped space habitat was boarded by the Team after they flew a shuttle down and Ru hacked the air lock open.

Upon entry they could not get past a security door through the main hub so they explored the open sections of the habitat.

Walking past a collection of containment suits Ru and Chen put them on. They entered a bio lab with containment units lining the walls. Chen investigated the units, each of them containing a layer of red liquid on the base of them. He decided to open one of them, an alarm went off, and the red liquid began animating.

As Chen tried to walk away, the liquid leapt forth clinging to his helmet and puncturing his suit. In fury he expanded his shells, he shattered his suit as the alien organism spread along his body constricting him.

Cinnabar and Ru ran towards the door attempting to escape but it had already closed and locked them in. A voice they recognized responded to their pleas, WHISPER one of PRAXIS’ servant AIs. Hosted on the super lab as its protector and manager he was told to give a deal from PRAXIS if he would ever see them again.

WHISPER offered to let the Team go and give residence to them in a station protected from the Dark Suns in exchange for amnesty. PRAXIS has no interest in the galaxy after the experiment is done, and they can act as overlords of the newly cleansed worlds.

Ru outright refused him inciting WHISPER to call someone named Mareth he suggested the Team leaves before he arrives.

Chen asked Uro-HERALD what they can do to stop the spread of this thing. The Son told him to interface with the system by touching the pedestal. He entered inside the ship’s consciousness where WHISPER was already taking residence, he enacted the room’s containment procedures releasing gas that caused extreme freezing temperatures killing the alien organisms.

As Chen continued to explore the room’s options interfacing with the VI who believed him PRAXIS, Ru Zil worried about the in tranced Chen and started pulling his hand off the pedestal. As if Chen’s screams were not enough of a sign, he ripped his hand off and Chen fell to the ground seizing.

WHISPER not wanting the Response Team to jeopradize his control of the ship began releasing the other alien organisms from their containment units. Ru connected that the cold was released after Chen touched the pedestal so he connected himself to it. Cinnabar watched his back as the alien organisms attempted to constrict him.

Ru battled WHISPER for control of the room and was beaten back time after time as Cinnabar was constricted almost his whole body covered in the red goo.

Chen woke up, unsheathing his sword and cutting open the pipes that held the cold fluid. Holding the broken pipes with his bare hands he sprayed the alien organisms with the freezing solution killing them, and the ones on Cinnabar.

Ru finally managed to take over the room’s systems too late to be the one who saves his friends, but managed to open the door.

The door opened to two dark energy beasts waiting on the other side. Killing them, they continued through the habitat battling the beasts at every corridor. They reached the opposite end, where dozens of force field cages littered the hallway.

Ru hearing the heavy breathing of more beasts sneaked up to the next passage where he saw WHISPER’s robotic avatar and two dark energy beasts. Lobbing an EMP and fragmentation grenade down the hallway the robot and his pets were immediately destroyed by the resulting explosions.

Entering through the doorway in which WHISPER was guarding they found a room lining with bulky Ravarsi lying on machines with implants attached to their head wired to large machines resting against their head. Ru analyzed them and found that the Ravarsi were all augmented from the norm of their species, and they were all sleeping or brain dead.

Ru woke one of them up, giving him a sedative that calmed their emotional state. He spoke random sounds and seemed scared of the Team. In order to gain its trust Ru put his laser saw on the ground, which only gave the Ravarsi opportunity to go and grab it, but before he could reach it Cinnabar broke his skull open with a strong punch.

Deciding that whatever these specimens were being used for is for no good, Ru began to euthanize them. When one of the specimens woke up in a trance like state and began walking to the door Chen split him open with a swing of his sword.

They continued further into the compartment entering a room with four floating orbs emitting dark energy waves into Ravarsi that float midst these orbs. Ru surmised that the purpose of the dark energy was to mutate the specimens, and that only hours of exposure would cause any lasting damage.

Upon WHISPER’s taunts, Ru Zil gave him one last chance to surrender but the AI admitted he was incapable, he was made from pieces of PRAXIS and he is incapable of betraying himself.

Cinnabar grabbing one of the bodies of the dead Ravarsi threw it at one of the orbs knocking it out of place. He then grabbed an orb and brought it back to the main hub disabling any electronics on the way. Originally intending to use it as a bomb, as he walked past the main door it turned off and the Response Team entered through.

Upon entry into the central room WHISPER began screaming objections to their presence. The room was filled with thousands of empty tanks, and one singular pedestal interface.

Ru and Chen interfaced with the pedestal using their combined will to push WHISPER out of the server and kill him. Then they became the ultimate masters of this domain and began exploring it for information. It appears that PRAXIS left multiple notes, and systems online for WHISPER’s use to keep track, and continue updating PRAXIS on.

They also found:

  • A line of genetic code the notes on it say that it is PRAXIS’ intended army for the coming years when he must protect his final plan. All impurities have been removed from the code. The army has been designed to be obedient to authority, bloodthirsty, and naturally strong and hardy.
  • There is a report of a cyborg spy within this designed species that is continually monitoring and updating PRAXIS of the species progress. This cyborg is completely unaware of its own falseness and all the reports it makes are routed through its cyber brain.
  • PRAXIS has left notes that the project has failed due to the species new found strain of independence. The next designed species will be introduced to mind control early on to avoid these mistakes.
  • There are continual active information feeds coming from the planet Anemi IV near the Super Lab. These feeds supply thousands of vital signs and examinations of cognitive function. There is one feed that is marked at the top of the list, and one of the feeds reads “SIMULATION STILL ACTIVE”.
  • A Phase Gate attached to the Super Lab which connected to the Sven System in Kreitosh space. Ru Zil detached and activated it.

Chen and Ru decided to venture down in a shuttle to Runvin IV to investigate these info feeds while Cinnabar went back to the Sol Invictus.

Runvin IV is continually assaulted by solar storms causing the water planet to have extremely hazardous storms and boiling surface water. Chen braved these storms, but the shuttle was so tossed around it crashed into the water but he managed to recover before the damage became too critical.

As they reached the ocean floor, they found thousands of live ships restrained to large sacks by thick tentacles, these sacks worked as a giver of nutrient and fed vital signs back to the Super Lab. The biggest of the Live Ships, unrestrained and three times the size of the Path to Honor lay dormant on the ocean floor.

They brought their shuttle closer to examine it and began hearing the telepathic calls for help from the ship. Deciding to go inside, the voice became louder when they approached where it wanted them to go eventually ending in the brain of the ship where thousands of wired implants connected to it.

Ru Zil connected one of the extra implants and connected it to his head. He entered PRAXIS’ dream space where he was still inside the Live Ship but they were in a gas giant being chased by an Alliance Fleet. The Ship, Keelik refused to turn around and fight believing that if he was in the simulation those manning the ships could be too, and his one pain is not worth more than thousands of others.

Ru convinced Keelik that he was not a PRAXIS agent, and went on to explain that he had to kill PRAXIS’ servants because he was forced into a corner and gave no other option. He went on to make that parallel to Keelik’s situation now, and that it was alright for him to attack the ships as long as he has no other choice.

Keelik turned around and annihilated the opposing force, and the dream space believing Ru a PRAXIS agent, released both of them from the space as they have accomplished their intended goal.

Back in reality, Keelik explained that he was a back up plan for PRAXIS in case his experiment failed and he was trapped in the Milky Way. Keelik was birthed with a slip space drive and he naturally produces dark energy.

Keelik showed Ru and Chen the remains of a metamorphosis chamber that was created in him. Before Keelik was put in the dream space he saw PRAXIS bring a dead biped with memories of glory in war and great intelligence and put him in the chamber.

JARVIS sent a message to Ru from the Sol Invictus that there was an armada on its way to Runvin IV and would be within weapons range within twenty minutes.

Keelik begged Ru to stay and kill PRAXIS’ beast that kept his brother live ships here. They have been mentally degraded so much that they will just wander aimlessly through the galaxy if freed.

Ru ordered Ana to take the Sol Invictus through the Phase Gate, as he and Chen will stay behind and free the Live Ships.

Getting on to the shuttle, Ru began fashioning a bomb out of the orb taken from the Super Lab. As Chen approached a breach in the ground where the tentacles originated from, the scans detected the destruction of the Super Lab, and soon the planet began to be barraged by an armada in orbit.

Flying into the breach, Chen evaded the attacking tentacles for only so long until the ship was swatted from the air. Ru, coming from an aquatic species grabbed the bomb and began swimming down. Chen having been blown out of the ship struggled to regain composure while being swatted at by giant tentacles.

As Chen was beaten over and over, Ru swam down to the creature’s face and set the bomb to blow on a timer.

Chen trying to swim up away from the blast turned his back to an attacking tentacle and was stabbed through the chest by it. Ru swam up, using his PRAXIS device on Chen. Chen’s chest was healed but he was barely still alive and began swimming up hopelessly as they had lost their mode of transportation thousands of miles under sea level.

As they escaped the breach, they watched as a barrage of fire came down towards them from the armada above. Hopelessly they watched their death come onward until Keelik flew above them taking the brunt of the attack.

Keelik opened his bay doors, and Ru climbed inside but Chen’s leg was grabbed by the tentacle beast and it pulled him down as the explosion went off. Chen barely made it, the explosion propelling him forward flying into the bay.

Keelik ascended, as he broke atmosphere hundreds of Live Ships were being slaughtered attempting to escape the planet. The armada was waiting above, and two capital ships The Cartographer and The Factory fired down at them.

Keelik ignored them all barrelling into the Phase Gate. As he went through his body was too big and shattered the worm hole’s containment field as the wormhole exploded behind them.

Making it through, Keelik let the Sol Invictus dock inside him as he went to Parliament through slip space.

The Assembly had many questions for the Response Team but before they could be answered a news alert went out " IKA-TRA CITY BOMBED, MILLIONS DEAD, UNEXPLAINED CULPRITS, INSANE SURVIVORS IN STREETS".

No Mercy for Tyrants


The combined armies of the Ikaite Horde, Drakath Swarm and Olpherian Exiles landed on Drakarum to end the Queen’s rule once and for all. Cinnabar and Ru made their way to the Citadel, while Octavian and Chen ensured the space battle continued successfully.

Fighting their way into the Citadel the Response Team and the Dark Guard battled past the Queen’s soldiers and SIRE’s android advisor to the Queen. The Queen’s Throne built against attacks of assassin’s was no match for Ru as he charged forward decapitating the with a blast from his shotgun.

Adronika arrived to the planet declaring herself Queen of the Drakath, and rightful commander of the Swarm. She returned the Fiate Zone to the Olpherians.

As her first order of business Calabrakus was brought forward in chains, and as a gift for their help Cinnabar and Ru were given choice onto his fate. Cinnabar, always the pragmatist, decided to keep him around as a commander.

Next Adronika convened with SIRE intending to execute The Son. Ru convinced her out of it, agreeing that as long as the Drakath had guard on the AI’s containment unit the Team could take him where they pleased.

Cinnabar spoke Adronika about keeping their intended union with the Alliance a secret, as PRAXISintends to attack if they find the civilizations united against their cause.

As they left Cinnabar convened with General Kar who was grateful for the return of his homeland to his people’s hands. Kar regretfully told Cinnabar that due to the losses in the radiation belt he would be unable to commit ships to any future endeavors but his bio-engineered shock troops were still available for military use, and promised to end his feud with Ru Zil.

Cinnabar decided to take SIRE to I ka-tra where he housed The Son in the VI hosting services building. He convinced SIRE to help him under the conditions that as long as he helped he would live, but if he betrayed them he would let Uro-Herald absorb him into his consciousness.

SIRE relieved himself of multiple important factoids:

  • When the Verox first attacked he convinced the Drakath to intervene little did he know at the time that the Verox wanted to destroy PRAXIS as much as him, although they recognized PRAXIS as a manipulative synthetic residing at Parliament never realizing his true purpose.
  • When the Drakath joined the Alliance he tried to assassinate PRAXIS through the Drakath, but when that failed, he made sure it was near impossible to get any of PRAXIS’ agents near him by encouraging isolationist practices combined with militaristic imperialism among the Drakath Queens.
  • Concerning the Dark Sun Crisis, SIRE was PRAXIS’ assistant and helped in the planning of it. * SIRE managed to gather some intel on PRAXIS’ activities over the last year: When the Alliance learned of the Dark Suns existence PRAXIS used the Solatus as a distraction in order to frame the Verox for Dark Sun, and plant the intel of them possessing the Pale Horse Plans so the Alliance would send a team to retrieve it from one of the Verox Outposts.
  • From then on it was just manipulation of Ru, Cinnabar and Hel’con to “retrieve” the plans. He had already placed a trigger in the Verox code to control them back in the Valkon Era, merely using JARVIS as a transmitter to activate this code, and send the Pale Horse plans for the team to pick up, so the Alliance would immediately begin construction.
  • He originally attempted to eliminate Ru, Hel, and Cinnabar but failing in that, he used the Conclave’s familiarity with them to take control of the Baetylus and expediting his plans.
  • As he helped design the Baetylus he knows that the device is a conduit to spread the dark energy, in order for that to happen he has to amass that energy to the device. He told the Team to expect a large dark energy influx to the Baetylus when it is fully operational.

SIRE gave the last coordinates for The Origin Point the base where The Sons worked out of for millennium before any space age civilizations came about.

The Drakath perform a coup with the Response Team's help


The Alliance government was convened on Parliament in the old stadium used for sports entertainment before the Attack on Parliament. The meeting concerned the Olpherian Homecoming and it’s request for allies. Alek made a rousing speech to call for support but in the end he received no answer but from the Targin. Cinnabar publicly denied him, but organized a meeting with the lobbyist at his penthouse in the News Net building.

Octavian meanwhile met with his co-captains Grey Wolf and Tusk at the Cracked Shell Brewery. The Red Wards had been approached with two contracts, from the Swarm, and a Hiveguard group called STL. Since promoting Octavian head captain word had spread of a Drakath being in charge of the Wards. This led to the belief that the reasonably unknown soldier and his company would follow the Code of Drak due to Octavian’s heritage giving them reason to approach him with contracts.

The Swarm wanted to hire the mercenaries for patrol work, jockeying Hornets, and large scale infilitration but first must prove themselves with jockeying exercises over their home planet, Drakarum. Octavian chose the Swarm, and contacted them a few hours later. He convinced the Swarm Commander in charge to give 60 percent of the money up front before he would send his men.

Cinnabar, Ru, and Chen met with Alek telling him of their orchestrated coup of the Drakath Swarm. Cinnabar told him to stop the attack on Fiate, so once the coup was over the new Drakath leadership could hand the planet over peacefully. Alek told them to talk to General Kar as he was in charge of all operation from this point forward.

Cinnabar, Alek and Chen went to the Hamic System to meet with Kar on his flagship dreadnought The Moderation. They explained the situation with Kar, and got him to agree to stop all hostilities if Cinnabar put forth the motion for Olpherians to become Assembly member species.

Cinnabar, Chen, and Ru Zil went to Ika-tra to meet with High Inquisitor Neous at the Palace. Neous explained that after the war the Ikaite people are beaten down, tired and restless. A people without hope. To cur future rebellion the Senate is pushing for more autonomy to essentially become independent states that answered to the Emperor Chief. Cinnabar refused this motion, and taking Neous’ advice that the people would be more eager to fight if they had a chance for representation gave the Ikaite municipal representation. A solution that would placate the masses for the short term to get them motivated for Cinnabar’s oncoming wars.

The Response Team met up at the staging area of Adronika’s coup there they met her Swarm Commander Sureika. Ikaite cruisers, and the Olpherian’s dreadnought The Moderation and cruisers met them there.

Octavian explained to Cinnabar that he had been hired by Calabrakus’ swarm, and his mercenaries were currently on Drakarum, armed and ready. Cinnabar agreed to use Octavian’s inside men but leveled suspicion at the Wards Captain’s duplicitous ways.

They devised an invasion plan for Octavian to meet up with his mercenaries and man their Hornets waiting for Cinnabar’s arrival. Cinnabar would enter the system undetected, knocking out their outpost before it could send a signal, and attack the fleets there. Ru Zil would take 40 cruisers and fly through the radiation belt. They would destroy Lothram Station which prevents their carriers from landing, engage Swarm Commander Calabrakus’ flagship The Apex so he could not escape, and land on the planet and capture The Citadel.

Heading out, Octavian arrived on Drakarum and quickly told Tusk about the coup, and their intent to betray Calabrakus’ Swarm. Tusk was just happy he was getting paid. The mercenary then ordered his men to fill a Hornet with as much explosive material as possible, take the ship up by cargo lifter, and leave it in orbit for pick up later. He then joined up with his men on the training exercises in the Hornets.

Cinnabar’s fleet entered the system. Chen, in charge of the Drakath Hornet squadron flew to Vicius Outpost to take it out before it could send an alert message. He failed, and the fleets around Drakarum were alerted of his presence.

Apex Fleet went behind Galeneus to ambush as the Phase Gate Fleet began moving the highly explosive Solar Farms in front of the planet for a trap. Seeing that Cinnabar was heading into a trap, Octavian sent an encrypted message to The Moderation warning the Emperor Chief of the peril.

Ru Zil having traversed the radiation belt, had lost 22 of his cruisers but arrived directly above Drakarum. As Calabrakus scrambled to respond, the two fleets pincer-ed his fleets.

Octavian deciding to show his true colors to the Drakath ordered his men to execute a bombing run on the unsuspecting cruiser fleet. Then making his way to the cargo lifter docking his Hornet on it and carrying the star fighter filled with explosives close to Lothram Station as Ru Zil barraged it with the cruisers command, the resulting destruction destroyed the station and allowed the carriers access to Drakarum.

The Apex still engaged with The Moderation and The Luciferous, and all their armies landing on the home planet of the Drakath the Response Team is finally ready to unify this galaxy for the threats to come.



Cinnabar and Chenzhenivakay saved the Black Guard Project from an attack from PRAXIS, and Ru Zil discovered the location of the Cartographer a mapping system that PRAXIS wants his hands on.

Ru Zil received a message from Paragon Purity that an outbreak of the Ichythus Plague had occurred in the Valuan Nebula and he required his assistance.

Arriving at Valuan, close to Runvin, Purity’s armada awaited overhead on his Eradication Order. Purity explained to Ru that he has not done so because Runvin was the home of the Unival Cure Operations Center (UCOC) where they had developed an immunization for the Ichythus and an Ichythus Detector. Also, a group of workers had emitted a distress call, they had locked themselves in a half finished fuselage.

The infection’s origin point was at Runvin two days ago and has since spread to two dozen different planets in the Quarantine Zone.

The Response Team agreed to investigate how this outbreak happened, and recover the immunization and the Ichythus Detector if they can.

They headed down to the planet, landing a few kilometers south of the UCOC, and approaching on foot. The entrance was guarded by a number of Ichythus Infected, and in order to get by them Cinnabar used his cyber-arms to rip a lamp post from the ground and throw it against a nearby building to distract them.

Ru Zil managed to get into the building without incident, but the rest were caught unawares and they had to kill the sentries to get by.

Ru hacked the lobby’s computers, and learned the system had been tampered with, disabling all the containment security measures when an outbreak happened inside the building.

They explored the building to find all the inhabitants dead, slaughtered by internal security turrets when infected. They continually were assaulted by Ichythus who were somehow tracking them down.

When walking into the Security Room they set up a trip wire bomb.

As they explored the building Ru thought he saw something outside on the Observation Deck, so Cinnabar and Octavian went to check it out while Ru and Chen went to the Tech Lab to recover the Ichythus Detector.

Cinnabar and Octavian found bombs attached to the pillars of the Observation Deck, and began throwing rocks at it. They were then ambushed by a Veratoss in a wet suit, disabling Cinnabar with Atroitic Venom, Octavian knocked his assailant out and another who came to help.

They interrogated these two after threatening them of leaving them outside for the Ichythus to kill they confessed they were agents of PRAXIS. After the Attack on Parliament, many special ops and clandestine agents joined PRAXIS’ ranks for thoroughly beating them. PRAXIS promises all followers entrance into his vehicle of exodus after his plan is complete.

The spies’ mission were to infiltrate the UCOC, infect the immunization process, plant a device in the basement level, disable the safety protocols, and spread the Ichythus Virus. Afterwards they were to tie up loose ends, and cave in the building with explosives.

While on their mission some Veratoss scientists began suspecting them of espionage so they killed the team leader, and organized a meeting for them in the Relax Room. While one member spread Ichythus through the air ducts, one planted the biological device, one hacked security, and two others opened fire on the meeting of Veratoss Scientists.

Sparing the spies lives, the team took the elevator down to the bottom level. A wretched stench plagued the room and two inches of black webbing covered the floor. Ru went into the Immunization Production and tested the immunization samples that were ready to be shipped out, they were infected, he gathered all the intelligence of where the previous shipments were sent.

They went into the Virus Containment Room to find a group of Ichythus and a sack of black web clumped together like a large brain hanging from the ceiling. Using one of the Ichythus as a relay, it introduced itself as The Over Mind, the central hub of the hive mind of the Ichythus.

Wanting nothing more than to continue on living, it offered information about PRAXIS for it’s life and the continued secrecy of it’s identity. The team agreed.

The Over Mind explained that it was created by PRAXIS to be the answer to Unival, the Ichythus merely being an older form of the plague that wiped out the Unival’s genetic siblings the Otamic. This advanced version would fashion him an army, and wipe out a rival at the same time.

PRAXIS wants to divide the galaxy, knowing that a unified galaxy would spell potential disaster for his machinations. So he seeks to weaken his rivals underhandedly so when he has to face them they are divided and weak. He seems to know for sure that there will be armed conflict against him some time down the line.

PRAXIS only needs a few more pieces of his puzzle before he is done his plan including gathering something called “The Cartographer”.

The Over Mind gave the team the location of PRAXIS’ super lab in the Hoster System where he develops his biological terrors like the Living Ships and the Ichythus.

The team left the facility deciding to ambush the ex filtration site of the remaining Veratoss spies. A hidden shuttle west of the UCOC.

As they laid in wait, the spies detected them and ambushed their ambush, though Chen was nearly beaten to death, Cinnabar saved him, while Ru made mince meat of two others with his laser saw.

They brought their spies to the Sol Invictus, and reported to Purity. Giving the Paragon the Ichythus Detector, the locations the immunization were sent, and the source of the infection PRAXIS spies, but leaving out their encounter with The Over Mind.

As they left they watched as the Unival Fleet lit the surface of Runvin in fire in the name of Purity.

Magna Carta

Cinnabar and his allies Chenzhenivikay and Lucerni executed their plan. First attacking the Raction Star Clusteras a distraction for the Drakath forces. Cinnabar was put in command of the fleet, while Prince Woodbark was in charge of insertion and security teams on the Rock Bitch II, and the newly hired mercenary Octavian was given command of Bravo Squadron. They took the planet with limited casualties. After the Drakath surrendered, Cinnabar allowed the Magistrate of the system to be let free to end his life in dishonor in the wastes of the Hive Planet.

They then set course to meet with the main fleet, where they pushed their combined forces through the Phase Gates into Vir Space Vir. They happened upon Lokai fleets slaughtering Drakath occupied planets, the alliance apparently was breaking from Lokai betrayal. They encountered in the battles nanite weaponry and advanced ion cannons. The fleets made it to the Vir System and engaged the Vir Defense Fleet where the Ikaite managed to position their carriers to drop off forces, Bravo Squadron was destroyed while on a bombing run and Octavian barely escaped with his life, the Rock Bitch II was hacked from within by some sort of nanitic organism and forcibly crashed on to the planet’s surface.

Nevertheless Cinnabar pressed the attack. He directed his legions forward by leading from the front. Woodbark rode a Ravarian WHEEL into combat. While Octavian rode on the back of a Ikaite War Bike using it as a mobile sniper’s nest.

The invading force was overwhelmed by the defensive force, and Cinnabar pressed for the Palisades where the Lokai Assembly of the Elite were holding government. As his army routed around him, a sea of nanites rushed forth from the Palisades and faced with overwhelming odds against him, an army being slaughtered, and a fleet being crushed from superior naval defenses he called a retreat. Woodbark made a final stand being filleted by Lokai machine gun fire before the order was given, refusing to give pause to his onslaught.

Cinnabar and Octavian managed to secure evac off the planet but when they returned home they recieved dreadful news. Prince Lucerni who was thought to have the Triwek Princedoms under his thumb was invited to a meeting with the other nobles, only for it to be a trap for a slaughter of him and his relatives. His gains were split among the other Princes, and they gave his planet to a rival family.

The Ikaite had lost their partnership with the Triwek, and the ‘Time of Ascendancy’ was decreed over. Ikaite ambassadors a few days ago once high and mighty from their victories now were being punished by the newly appointed Alliance Assembly members. Cinnabar was to be called back to Parliament to have a discussion with them about “his people’s future in the union”.

The Lokai announced the Assembly of the Elite had unanimously elected a leader, Dok’Lis and recognized after the dreadful attack from Cinnabar that the stance of Occipito’s Reach was justified, and has appointed Occipito’s leader, Har’Ker as the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The Lokai have decreed that any alien ships found within their space will be detained, and any Drakath will be executed on sight. Their apparent goals to rebuild after the 300 million civilians killed on Vir, and the estimated 3 million military personnel who lost their lives defending Lokai sovereignty.

Most of The Red Wards leadership were killed including Marcus Becker, and most of it’s membership. With the renowned group in shambles a meeting of the remaining Captains has been called at Parliament to discuss their future.

The soldiers and ships of the Uro Dynasty now in tatters, Chenzehnivikay must return to the Imperium without much personal military power to a disappointed Emperor.

Thinning the Threads

Looking to gather support for his legal trial, Ru Zil approached Admiral Sachar. Admiral Sachar had commanded The Typhoon which Ru Zil served on, and assisted in Ru Zil’s efforts to get The Pale Horse plans from the Verox. Sachar agreed to be a character witness at Ru’s trial against Lis Pharmaceuticals but let him know that he owed him one.

Cinnabar returned from the Unexplored Regions with his legions and arrived to find the Lokai had pressed the advantage while he was away. Tribune Slag had held out against the onslaught but had lost seventeen thousand doing so.

Cinnabar recognizing that the war effort was going too slowly looked for ways to expedite his forces efforts and knock the Lokai off the galactic chess board. He planned with the head of the Triwikian Princes, Lucereni and they developed a plan to distract the Drakath and Lokai forces in the second tier by taking a few Drakath star clusters in the system. They would then sacrifice the legions on the clusters they took while the Lokai assisted the Drakath to retake their lost territory. The Ascendancy Alliance would then push through the gates of the mid-tier directly to Vir to capture the planet.

On Prince Lucereni’s suggestion Cinnabar approached Adronika if she would be agreeable to this plan. It was a hard choice for the Queen’s Voice but she agreed to it under one condition, that he would let them die with honor, arm themselves before they were slaughtered. Cinnabar agreed. He also pressed the issue of the Drakath-Lokai Alliance after the coup was done, and she became Queen. She assured him that she had no want to be enemies with Cinnabar at the state of current affairs.

The plan was set but the Tribune and Princes had to organize their troops to set it into motion.

After meeting with the Admiral, Ru Zil set to investigate the Black Web and Occipito’s Reach’s plans. He contacted his VIS handler, Syn who agreed to investigate the Lokai government, the Assembly of the Elite’s meeting on the planet, and any relation with Occipito and Black Web. Meanwhile Ru Zil investigated the armaments and Occipito andMa’Kel’s connection with ’Ou Robotics.

He discovered that before coming out of retirement Ma’Kel had bought a large share of ‘Ou Robotics, and gone there to heavily invest in their nanitic warfare division. He also discovered that Ja’Ou until recently was a playboy that was in the public eye almost daily for his public squalor but in the past few months has receded from the public eye stating that he must focus on his business. It is rumored he is being considered for a seat in the Assembly of the Elite. Ru also found police reports of reported stolen goods from the dock workers but those complaints have been removed from the company stating it was a miscommunication and the dock workers have been “punished”.

Ru went to Pleph the site of ’Ou’s headquarters and a large amount of their factories. He scheduled a tour of one of their older sites where they manufactured JARVIS robots. Once there, he sneaked away and pressed the fire alarm, the building was evacuated. Once everyone was gone, he broke into the manager’s office and hacked into his computer deleting any evidence of his presence her and creating a security lock down. He then hacked into the main server of ‘Ou Robotics researching their shipping practices and finding a large amount of hardware was being sent to core worlds, cross referencing their numbers he found that they were sending more then they actually had manufactured. Looking into the factory’s main frame he found that the factory had been sent a nanite blue print even though the factory was only licensed to build JARVIS robots, and according to records had done only that for the past forty years.

A security team broke past the four inch thick security door using a gravitational compressor but Ru managed to hide behind them and sneak around. He met back up with his tour group, the tour now cancelled because of the “fire”, and he left and headed back to the space port.

Cinnabar asked the Tribune to bring all the data and evidence found from the missing battle sites to him. He found that all the battles that ships went missing at were in the Hades Cluster, near the only entrance into Verox Space. He scanned the small pieces of the missing ships that were recovered and sent it to Ru to look at.

Ru using his lab looked at the scans and identified that the ships had been hit by a large amount of ion blasts. If shot in a continual beam it would overload the shields and cook the core causing a melt down but in successive blasts it could disable the electronics leaving the ships dead but salvageable and the crew alive.

Ru headed to the war front a few thousand light years away from Vir. They decided to head through the Verox gate using the Sol Invictus to investigate. There they found Installation 343 rebuilt, and Verox Orb Class vessels refueling there. Hiding in an asteroid belt, JARVIS took the initiative to send probes to get read outs of the base and it’s surroundings. Ru found this suspicious as a VI was a stationary and unintuitive being unable to adjust to the situation at hand.

The probes’ scans found that the facility was completely rebuilt and that there was a ship grave yard around the Dyson Sphere of the missing ships both Ascension and Drakath-Lokai Alliance. The Verox appeared to have used the ships parts to improve theirs. Although the bodies of the crew were not among the wreckage. The upgraded Verox Orbs appeared to only be armed with ion weapons designed to disable not destroy.

Ru Zil re purposed his distress beacon and modified it when it was attached to a moving target it would start emitting to alarm of any approaching vessels.

The Sol Invictus headed out of the system back towards the gate and the Verox hailed them. Telling them to surrender, there ship was a being of war and was not allowed to exist. They ignored the hails and took the wormhole back to the Hades Cluster not pursued. Ru ordered his re purposed distress beacon be put in synchronous orbit to the front of the Phase Gate so it would attach to the first ship that would exit it.

Ru questioned JARVIS on his new found initiative and JARVIS admitted he had become aware. He had expected Cinnabar to tell him of this to make the revelation easier.

They headed back to Tene. Cinnabar ordered Tribune Slag to patrol the Hades Cluster but if engaged to run at first chance. The Tribune did not appreciate the order arguing against it.

For the Universe

Cinnabar returned to his embassy to find the VIS Acting Commander Kor Soor to be waiting for him. He was looking for the whereabouts of Ru Zil as he has a warrant for his arrest. Cinnabar let him know that Ru Zil was on his ship The Sol Invictus.

Ru Zil was awoken by JARVIS reporting that there were some VIS officers requesting to come on board stating they have a warrant for his arrest. He went with them peacefully back to Parliament where he was detained and questioned by a VIS officer named Syn.

Ru Zil frequently denied that he murdered Ambassador Plipht stating that he was falsely accused and the evidence against him was illegally attained. Syn showed him the evidence, his contact and aiding the escape of the known hit man, Ofaar. The tampering with the security of Plipht’s residence. The confession that he met with the Ambassador the same day he was murdered, and his lack of an alibi.

Ru Zil, faced with internment but unwilling to betray the Order told half truths about his time with Ofaar and the assassination of Plipht. He convinced Syn that he freed Ofaar because he was an asset, and when he returned to Parliament the assassin found him and returned his kindness with treachery. He revealed to him that he was a member of The Order, and that he was on assignment to kill the ambassador. The Ambassador was doing dirty dealings with the Drakath and had to be stopped. Ofaar told him he would kill him if he did not comply. So Ru tampered with the security and met with the Ambassador who refused to admit he was a traitor, and adjust his practices. Ofaar shot him in the back, and Ru Zil escaped.

He went on to explain that since then he has had limited contact with The Order and it’s members. He does not know where they reside, who their members are, or what their command structure is. Syn believed his story and offered him a deal, he can walk free if he is observed and handled by a VIS agent in exchange. He was given a tracking device placed inside a BANDNET device, and a quantam entanglement device was installed in his ear to monitor him, and communicate with him. If he commits any sort of treason the VIS can use the BANDNET device to disable him with electric shocks ripples sent out from it.

Meanwhile, Cinnabar and Chen agreed that they need to gather armies for their assault on Plagus. Chen took a shuttle back home to Hiajiin, the Ravarsi homeworld, while Cinnabar headed to the Ascension War front on the planet Tene to meet with Tribune Slag.

Arriving on the home world, he went straight to the Baroque Palace to see Empress Valdotros. He asked to have a private audience with her over supper. She complied but would bring her brother Kal with her.

As they convened over a meal, Chen brought up a potential alliance with the Drakath. Kal interrupted him before he was allowed to finish, stating that the Ravarsi would never work with the Drakath as allies. Too much blood of the dynasties had been spilled fighting them. The Imperium must focus on securing their borders until order is restored. Seeing he would get no support from the royals he left the Palace to go home to Uro.

As he was leaving he was approached by an Ovikim. He told Chen that the Master of Xin, Rorgdotros wished to meet with him. Rorg had been banished from the city for speaking out against the Empress, so Chen had to divert his course to the Xin Lands.

Rorg’s confessed that his spies reported to him that he had met with the Empress and that he had been denied a proposal with an alliance with the Drakath. Rorg confesses he believes the Empress short sighted and has always been a tool for her brothers and their ambition. He believes an arrangement can be made if the Dynasties of Uro and Xin align.

The Master of Xin does not want war but he thinks the Dynastic Imperium requires a leader that recognizes that friendship with the Alliance is paramount to their survival. If the royal family could be taken care of there would be no opposition to Rorg’s rule and bringing their full support by the Alliance. Chen agreed only if he would be on the new Emperor’s council which Rorg agreed to.

Chen returned to his home to gather forces and ships to attack Plagus. He explained to Uro’s daughter Persephdotros why he needed the forces. She trusted her father’s Proteriat and his decision expressing that they needed to bring her father back as soon as possible.

Cinnabar arrived on Tene to witness the Ikaite and Tri-weks sieging the planet. He met with the Tribune and commanded that he give him command of all the forces he can spare. He left the system with 2 legions of 10 million men and 22 cruisers, one carrier, and seven frigates.

Ru Zil received a communique from Detective Fe’Rel stating that he was in hiding on Vir for investigating Ma’Kel. He had discovered Ma’Kel has relations with Occipito’s Reach and needs his help.

Ru arrived on Vir and sought out Fe in a safe house at the edge of the city. There he shared that he had investigated Ma’Kel after he showed him photographs of his weapons in storage.

“He investigated his connection ”/campaign/sol-s-exodus/wikis/ou-robotics" class=“wiki-page-link”> ‘Ou Robotics and discovered that they were researching and producing mind control nanites, illegal on multiple laws limiting the capabilities of technology. As he dug deeper he managed to secure passage to the Pherus system as a robotic repair specialist. Ma’Kel bought the Pherus system ten years ago after his retirement from public life. As he arrived they tried to perform an operation on all the new workers in which he evaded by taking a shuttle down to the planet’s surface. There he managed to sneak into Ma’Kel’s home, heavily modified guards were there, and military grade defenses. He found tech there emblazoned with the sign of Occipito’s Reach. He was captured, but managed to escape custody and made his way to Ma’Kel’s office where retrieved all the data off the network.

They discovered him as he tried to leave but was shot at, taking a shot in the leg. He managed to sneak into a cargo container to Vir and use his emergency eco pod to breathe in until he reached atmosphere. While he was in the container he went through the data he found and discovered a security recording dating back four months ago.

A recording of Ma’Kel outside his mansion waiting for something. A shuttle flew down to the ground, and opened it’s passenger door. He bent on one knee as a little girl ran out and braced him in a hug. He began to convulse as a cloud of nanites spilled out of the girl and into Ma. He dropped down to the ground, as the empty husk of the young girl lay down beside him. A few minutes later Ma’Kel gets off the ground stepping over the membrane of his grand daughter and into the shuttle. The shuttle takes off into the sky.

Fe’Rel took his evidence to the Captain of the Vir Security Force and he was called insane. Later that night heavily modified gun men shot up his house killing his wife. He managed to escape with his daughter and has been hiding ever since. "

In the date he had stolen from Ma’Kel’s network he found mention of a plan called Black Web. He asked Ru to investigate it and stop Occipito’s Reach from whatever they are planning.

He returned to Parliament and met with Lis Pharmaceuticals’ legal team where they explained their charges against him, and the core of their legal prosecution that Ru only left the company because he was passed over for promotion over Ma’Kel. He was given a plea deal to hand over the patent in exchange for life employment as the head of marketing and a seat on the board.

They arrived at the staging area of their attack, and discussed battle plans with Adronika. They decided that Chen would take a small force into the space station that Solatus had repurposed and disable it so they could not warn those on the planet of the fleet’s approach. Cinnabar would lead the forces on the ground breach the city they had built around the crashed Verox orb in the jungle, slaughter their army, and capture the civilian population.

Chen took two Drakath soldiers with him Mandible-Face an engineer and Mook a soldier. Evading the space station’s detection they zero-g jumped to a closed air lock where Mandible-Face opened it. They snuck into the small shuttle that the Solatus had used for transport and installed a virus on board that disabled all function. Exploring further into the station they found the Solatus on the observation deck where they had set up a command post, slaughtered them, and gave the signal to the fleet to move in.

Cinnabar landed on the planet with his legions marched into the jungle and took the army by surprise. He breached the walls and his army pooled in, Guardian the leader of the Solatus nation personally led the defense against the massive army. Cinnabar was hit by a massive explosion of dark energy by a Solatus soldier blowing him through a wall and shattering his shoulder. Chen arrived to assist and shot in the gut. However, the army managed to finish off the resistance.

The Drakath disabled the Solatus civilians in the Orb with a neuro-toxin and began shipping them into their ships. As thousands were carted off world Cinnabar found Guardian an old ally dying as he watched as the remnants of his people be kidnapped for unknown purposes. He only wanted to know why he and all he knew was destroyed. Cinnabar’s only answer was “The galaxy, and the greater good.” Doing little to comfort him Guardian died betrayed and shattered.

The Greater Good

The Response Team weighed their options and in the end gave Alek the responsibility to bring the Parlimentary Parliamentsystems to order. In assigning him the task they also agreed to commit military forces to the Olpherian Homecoming and their mission to reclaim Fiate from the Drakath Empire.

Chen received news from Uro’s daughter on Hiajin the Ravarsi homeworld. She expressed her concern for his well being and hoped he was safe after the Verox attacks. The message also contained news of the state of the Imperium, that Empress Val-dotros was unsure of what course to take now that the ambassador has perished. There are rumors that she considers calling her ships assigned to Alliance fleets back to home until order is restored once again.

Whilst arriving on ParliamentRu Zil received a message from a VI belong to the Lis Pharmaceuticals. It listed one-hundred-thirty accused galactic crimes including unlawful harm to the denizens of the galaxy, and war crimes against the Lokai Assembly. If he would be convicted of all the crimes listed he would be detained in a cryogenic sleep cell for a period of 25 years. While under investigation the wealth that he had garnered while in employment of Lis Pharmaceuticals was frozen and he only had access to the money he has received as an officer of the Alliance.

After being refused by the law firms of the wealthy on Parliament he went to his only current employers, the Alliance military. He explained his situation, and they offered a contract. If the military was given the formula for payment for services rendered Ru Zil would be represented by them. By signing this contract an incarceration period of 25 years would be reprimand for breaking it but Ru Zil would still hold the patent Space Band Aids leaving him the ability to produce and sell his product in any corner of the galaxy he wished.

Meanwhile,Agent Grundy had been called back to the Veratoss Intelligence Service Headquarters by the Acting Commander Kor Soor. Kor Soor wished any updates on the current missions that he was assigned and specifically asked about his investigation into the murder of the ambassador, Plipht. Under consideration, Grundy revealed that he had discovered the murderer was in fact Dr. Ru Zil but he stressed Ru’s importance in the war effort and insisted that he remain free.

Kor agreed that he was important, but he was also a traitor to the Alliance. He would be detained for a short while until they could learn what he knows, and then they can turn him into an asset for the VIS to use. For his efforts, Kor promoted him to Operations Chief, and Alpha Agent on the field.

Considering his options, Ru left the meeting with the Alliance military without signing the contract. As he strolled outside to get some fresh air he found Alliance Military quickly surrounding him, and telling him to give up peacefully. He was bound and hooded, and led into an armored shuttle.

Cinnabar and Chen oblivious to developments concerning Ru Zil, considered the conequences of the Olpherian Homecoming. They knew that attacking Fiate would spur a war with them, so they looked for other means to take the planet. They contacted Adronika, the Queen’s Voice in the Drakath Empire seeking to come to peace terms with them. They were informed that the Queen had run out of patience with the Alliance and their continued back stabbing and defiance of the treaty and was intent on crushing the conglomeration of alien filth in one last war. However, the Voice had different political leanings and asked for them to meet her on Parthalax XICinnabar and Chen agreed and left Parliament to speak to Adronika.

Ru Zil awoke in a padded cell, drugged but unharmed Kor Soor told him that the Alliance government is aware of his treason. He was given an ultimatum tell the Alliance everything he knows of his companions, and the organizations he has dealings with, and serve the VIS as an operative and uncompromising asset or rot in hole for the rest of his life. Ru Zil demanded a trial but was rebuked. He demanded fair treatment but was rebuked. He demanded they show proof of his treason but was rebuked. Kor Soor left the cell to let Ru think it over.

Grundy was on the other side of the wall watching the whole time. As Kor Soor came back in Grundy started arguing for his release, how what they were doing was immoral, and unjust. Kor argued that Ru was a traitor to the Alliance and he is merely doing the greater good. He said that if they could control two members of the team, Ru and Grundy, that would secure the Alliance’s future. Grundy was enraged at this, and attacked Kor but Grundy underestimated Kor’s skill and the Commander’s Bio-Blade stunned Grundy to unconsciousness.

Detained in his cell, and unaware of the mutiny happening on the other side of the wall Ru looked for a way to escape. He noticed the air ducts were spilling something into the room, and as he struggled to retain consciousness a Veratoss entered the room. The Veratoss wore a mask, and despite Ru’s struggling picked him and carried him out. As he went unconscious he noticed Kor and Grundy’s unconscious bodies lying on the ground.

Cinnabar and Chen arrived on Parthalax XI to find a Drakath Hive Ship in orbit awaiting their arrival. Adronika had already set a small encampment in the enhived wastelands of the planet to serve as their meeting place. Cinnabar laid out what he wanted Fiate, and the continued peace between the Drakath and the Alliance. Adronika told him that it was impossible for her to meet those demands as long as the Queen holds power. If she could enlist Cinnabar’s help in a coup then she could deliver peace to the nations of the Alliance, and the Olpherian’s their home back.

Cinnabar agreed to those terms, and she gave him the first part of the plan. The Solatus on Plagus hold the dark energy manipulation abilities that would give her faction the strength to overthrow the Queen and her dog, Calabrakus. They shall take the planet together so she can study these abominations and learn their secrets so she can give them to her soldiers. Chen and Cinnabar left the planet securing a partnership for the Alliance.

Ru Zil awoke in a compound owned by The Order. He was fed and clothed, and met with the Compound’s leader, Aromia. She told him that the secrets of The Order could not be risked and they saved Ru to protect them. For repayment she asked of PRAXIS, and what purpose he served. Ru explained what he had learned in the past few weeks, and the threat the galaxy faced. She gave Ru a shuttle to leave on, and reminded him that he has brothers and sisters all around him, that he is never alone.

Grundy awoke in a cell with Kor Soor sitting across from him. Kor interrogated him on what happened to Ru, and why he betrayed his commander. Grundy denied any knowledge of the events of his escape and told him his coup’s purpose was to put someone in power that was a moral person, and who’s interests were of the galaxy not just the Alliance. Kor told him he would be brought before a jury and executed tomorrow to show what happens when you betray the Alliance.

As Ru Zil arrived back on the planet, the news hit of Solanum code name: GRUNDY was detained for treason and had a war trial the next day. Ru Zil refused to visit him but Cinnabar and Chen did. Chen offered to kill him mercifully, but refused to offer him any help because he was without honor as he had betrayed them.

The next day, the three attended the trial where Solanum was executed for his crimes of treason against the Universal Alliance. He was given a solution of venom that is terminal to all Kreitosh, it dried his skin that it flaked and cracked as he painlessly died from dehydration in seconds.


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